Monday, December 26, 2011

Just Further Proof*

* That Alan is cool. I took these pictures of him.

Merry Christmas To Me!!!

When I was young my older brother and I used to play Dukes of Hazzard. Since my bike didn't have any different speeds, I was always Rosco P. Coltraine. I had to bumble around riding my bike trying to catch my older brother's bike only to see him escape every time. Year after year, but no more! This year the Beardocrat got me a SUPER sweet custom globe bike from Bingham Cyclery. I have already dubbed him the General Lee.

See the Beardocrat is really great at getting gifts. Sometimes I feel bad for all the girls in the world that don't get to be his wife, because he is pretty cool. The man got me a bike, for heaven's sake! And for my birthday he got me a subscription to The Economist.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Proof That I Am Old

Today, while I was cruising around town (yeah, I do that sometimes), I saw a personalized license place holder that read: You don't like my driving? You should see me putt. And I laughed, folks. Out Loud. Yes, I lol-ed. I am so ashamed. And so old.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Dreaming

Of a new outfit... what do you think?

a little dress. some shoes. and just in case it rains.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Isn't He Adorable?

Look at those mischievous brown eyes. Imagine them peeking at you from over the couch as you are trying to read a book. Needless to say, not a lot of reading has gone on.

Some of you have requested to know my thoughts on Motherhood. Where to begin? Suffice it to say that I never imaged that I would pick someone's nose with my own hands. Yes, another nose on another human. Nasty, but a labor of love. THAT is motherhood.

Squirmy IS cuteness personified. So, if you wonder why I have no time to write these days, just realize that this little guy is the reason.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Perspective

Recently I got together with my freshman year roommates. We don't all live close to each other, and we don't see each other terribly often, but it is always interesting to get together. Between us we've seen some life! I remember vaguely calling ourselves the Sixters because there were six of us and we were like sisters. Pretty clever, I know. We were clever even as freshman.

A few years back one of the Sixters got a divorce. I remember feeling terribly sad and helpless and thought, "This is certainly the worst thing that could ever happen to one of us." And of course, I wondered why it DID happen. The Sixter, of course, picked herself up and moved on and is now the mother and step mother of a family of six kids! Who would have thought?

This last weekend Squirmy was up to his usual tricks and the Beardocrat and I were both pretty grumpy about parenthood and all that jazz. I would say uncharacteristically grumpy because the Beardocrat is rarely grumpy... but I am often out of sorts, so there goes that. At any rate, I found out that the next day that one of the Sixters lost her little baby girl who died in her sleep. As I shuffled through the day giving Squirmy extra cuddles and letting him sleep in my arms (a rare luxury), I felt that same helplessness and "How could this happen? Why did this happen?" Then I stumbled upon this. I particularly like the quote from Elder Holland, and the accompanying video.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Truth

Okay. The Beardocrat and I have disagreed in the past about who is more geeky. So Alan found this test. We took it... and the results are in.

AGW- 27.86 %

MDW-30.44 %

Curse you, Academic Decathalon. Curse you, nerdy associates who led me into fan fiction. Curse you, Beardocrat for teaching me what I know about computers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lava Cookie

Apparently people put their favorite recipes on their blogs. I am not going to start doing that because, frankly, cooking is not a large part of my life. I enjoy food and like to cook what I cook, but it isn't MY thing, you know. I do; however, feel it is my duty to turn you on to the deliciousness that is the Lava Cookie. I am not sure if that is its actual name, but I am calling it the lava cookie.
The Beardocrat's cousin shared a variation of this one evening, and so yesterday we gave it a shot.

Original version
Take one small ramekin and fill the bottom w/ cookie dough. Cook until it is a little doughy in the middle (or all the way through if you have a fear of salmonella). Let chill and fill rest of ramekin w/ your favorite ice cream.

Our Version
One small ramekin filled 3/4 full w/ cookie dough. Cooked on 375 for 15 minutes. Take out of oven and eat warm sans ice cream or anything.

The way we did it was SO wonderful. The sides bottom and top were cooked to perfection, but when you dipped in....mmm gooey, lava-esque center. It was BEYOND wonderful.

You are welcome.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slightly Overdue... Oh Well

* Click on the image a couple times to make this legible. It is SO worth it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Endorse Radiolab

Recently, the Bendable Wilsons (that is my family... we even have a logo made for us by the Beardocrat's friend Jared) went on a road trip to the ancestral home of the Beardocrat. That is right... good ole, Broomfield Colorado. Though I endured a fair amount of Squirmy's screaming (apparently 3 month olds don't love to be in a car seat for eight hours...), and superior observations about how everything in Colorado is better than anything on earth, anywhere, ever, I also got to listen to Radiolab. I can not express how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Radiolab. In a society where reality TV is king and rarely do people stop to look at the world and wonder how it works the way it does, Radiolab is SO refreshing. Listening to Radiolab podcasts reminds me of when I was a little kid and I asked my parents the question "Why?" about a million times a day. Do yourself a favor and listen to one of the podcasts today.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't Cry For Me...

Well, it has finally come... my last day of work. I am going to go home and do a different kind of work that (hopefully) involves my pajamas and endless bowls of soups on stormy days. For those of you keeping score at home, I have worked for money since I was a tender twelve year old. Yeah for living in an extremely rural area that did not legally have to observe minimum wage laws, or minimum age work requirements. I find the idea of being at home a bit daunting, in all honesty because a majority (okay, all) of my blog writing takes place at my current job. That means I will post even LESS than usual and what will my two regular readers do to find out what I think about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Tragedy, I know. For your enjoyment here is a little trip down the memory lane of my jobs.

Job 1- Dishwasher at the Current Creek Lodge and Cafe (there was a classy sign spelling this Kern Krik... ugh, but no matter as I called the place The Greasy Spoon, anyway). I had this job throughout my high school career, except that I managed to claw my way up to cashier in the store/gift shop. Many, MANY, good memories are associated with this job. Suffice to say, getting paid under the table was a delight. Sadly, the place no longer exists.

Job 2- Worker at Day's Market Deli. I did this job from the summer I graduated high school and kept coming back for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks my Freshman year, not to mention the following summer, and before I prepared to leave for the sandy beaches of Brazil where for 1.5 years I was not allowed NEAR a sandy beach. I returned to this job for a month before I returned to university... so lets just say I worked here for quite a while. I managed to become the evening supervisor, a position that I despised, but I was the only one who could count high enough to cash out the till so I was a shoe in. Good memories here as well.

Job 3- Substitute Teacher for Duchesne School District. Yep, I went down that road. This was only while I was preparing NOT to see those sandy beaches so about five months. It was interesting to be in classes with kids who were siblings of my friends. Yep, I WAS a glorified baby sitter. I did not magnify my substitute teaching calling.

Job 4- Custodian in the Brewster Building at good ole BYU. Many of you are unfamiliar with the Brewster Building, that is because it is the planning building and never housed any students for any reason. Basically I dusted for four hours. Oh, I also swept the auto body shop... but when the guys working there found out that I (a mere girl) was sweeping up their auto body messes, they were QUITE tidy. You can find old posts about how I felt about that job here and here and here, for good measure.

Job 5- I am not sure if this technically counts as a job since it was an Internship, but I did receive money for it (illegally I might add! Go Scottish Parliament!). For a brief stint I worked in the PRU--Press and Research Unit for the Scottish National Party. Yes, it was idyllic, and yes, I did love it so. Who doesn't love to get paid to travel to Brussels as part of work?

Job 6- Heritage Schools Night Watch and Team Lead. Oh, the tales I could tell... but I won't because wouldn't that be a violation of HIPPA? I posted about this job as well... I suppose the highlights of this job were that it paid just enough to support my rock star life style, I led a petition about changing work hours, and I got free lunch once a month as part of the Employee Council.

Job 7- This soon to be last job has served me well. A lot of things happened to me while I have been at this job. I got married. I had a kid. I learned all I will ever need to know about retirement planning, nursing homes, medicaid/medicare, Special Needs Trusts, and funeral plans. I had a talk with the Latin Fury recently and discovered that even my own mother has very little idea what I do for work on a daily basis (Why, I write blog posts, Mother). You can find some highlights of my time here, here, here, here...

Honestly, I will miss it. I've liked my co-workers a lot... in all my jobs. I've been fortunate to have really good bosses my entire career, even at The Greasy Spoon. Alas, we'll see what the future holds.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ruminations the Day After Valentine's Day

As I sit at my work desk (yes, I am at work, right now) munching on Valentine's Day candy, I wonder who decided to call the small packages of candy "Fun Size". There is nothing fun about them. I spend more time then I should opening tiny packages. Is it really worth it? Now a 44 oz bag of candy THAT is fun sized.
*post publishing edit... after posting this my friend (the Beardocrat) informed me that Brian Regan feels the same way and has said so. Now I know my Mormon friends will have a literal fit when I say I do not find Brian Regan funny... But I do not find him funny. I am more of a Dimitri Martin, Jim Gaffigan kind of girl. Despite Mr. Regan's position on this issue, I am not changing my mind.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tales From The Supermarket: Costco Edition

I love Costco... but I hate Costco as well, and the more I go, the more I hate it. Here is a quick list of the things I love:
Cakes! Could I go into more of a sugar coma because of their frosting... I think not. I like to celebrate every event in my life with a cake from Costco.
Ginormous (yes, I used the word ginormous) boxes of cereal.
Bread..mmm, they have yummy bread from places in Italy that make wonderful French dips.
Chicken Nuggets shaped like dinosaurs.
Excellent frozen vegetables, seriously, the highest quality you are going to get.
Mattresses. We bought our queen sized mattress here after shopping around and it was inexpensive in comparison.
Variety of goods. Where else can you get a mattress, frozen vegetables, power tools, a lap top, and a hot dog for your troubles?
Chicken Bakes. These are great and I don't mind going on a date to Costco if a Chicken Bake is on the menu.

Now, let us get to the most unpleasant list, with emphasis on the last item.
Lines. The checkout always has ridiculously long lines.
Largest carts in the world. I get it that they want me to stock up on 56 rolls of toilet paper and still have room for that pork shoulder, but I just don't need THAT large a cart. You get three of those in an aisle and you have a traffic jam.
Parking lot. It seems like Costco is the worst parking lot for bad driving in a state known for its bad drivers. I nearly get run into every time I go to Costco, and it is a lot, because a girl needs cake.
SAMPLES. I HATE the samples. I really do. First of all, a store is for shopping, not for hanging around trying to get a meal. In addition, the samples turn regular people into a pack of piranhas who have no respect for those that are actually trying to get in and get out of Costco in a reasonable amount of time. I have been jostled, run into, nearly run over, all by people wanting to get a bite sized portion of ravioli or some other nonsense. My estimation of humanity plummets when I watch people going after the samples.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Confession Time

When I was young I watched this musical called Babes in Toyland. No, not the old school 1960s (or 70s, I don't recall, but it features technicolor) but the1986 version featuring a lot of talk about Cincinnati (I learned how to spell this from the clip you will find below) and Keanu Reeves. For the last several years I've wondered if i just imagines this gem or if it actually existed. Well, happily folks, I can't make this stuff up. It exists! In a big way.

Yes, you are welcome for one of my favorite clips from the movie. Since I have had time in the wee hours of the morning to peruse what Hulu has to offer, I found the joy that is Babes in Toyland. Seriously, check it out for yourself. All the nostalgic joy of youth. A little bonus was that while searching for the clip I discovered a whole cross section of clips devoted to Keanu Reeves and his 80s career.