Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Mix

Of all my good qualities (and they are pretty numerous) I will put my taste in music in the top ten. One of the reasons I decided that the Beardocrat and I could be more than friends was his monthly mix of great tunes. Sometimes when he gets lazy, he asks me "guest mix" for him. Some of my classics were May 2009, August 2009, February 2010, and let us not forget April 2010. I've decided in leu of anything to rant about I will post his mixes for your enjoyment. Download May 2010 here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Confessions of a Pen Thief

Okay, I will freely admit that I have a problem. I began to notice this gradually, but today I can admit (with surprisingly clear conscience you may note) that I AM a pen thief. I noticed recently that whenever I go to church, I leave with one pen... return with that pen + 1. Once, when I was getting something in a drive thru (okay, yes, by something I mean donut and by drive thru I mean Krispy Kreme... but just so you know, they weren't for me, I don't even LIKE donuts) I was figuring that our transaction was completed, but the nice lady was still standing in the window with hand outstretched. As I looked at her with a confused shrug/wrinkled forehead face (I have perfected this look)and she said flatly, "My pen?" How embarrassing... I'd nearly stolen a pen from Krispy Kreme. Today, came the final chapter in my pen thievery. I ran across the street for a bagel (apparently my lunch, the orange, and 2 90 cal granola bars just WEREN'T sufficient today) and as I was walking away with bagel in hand, I noticed I had a pen as well. I thought, "That is odd, I didn't BRING a pen with me, nor did I sign anything..." And then I remembered. The lady was showing me something ON my receipt and I literally snatched the pen from her hand and made for the exit.
Does this make me a bad person? I don't know. Do I love pens? Not particularly. And if I AM a thief why can't I steal something valuable that has some resale potential? The Beardocrat would probably offer some theories into my psyche, but I will give you the latest self discovery. Apparently I like to have something in my hands. At all times. I did not know this about myself but it is true. It is either a pen, a phone, a scrap of paper, the Beardocrat's hand. I just like to have my hands full of stuff. So be for warned folks. Your pens are not safe if my grabby hands and I are near.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lost Is Over

I don't like Lost. Most of you know this. I only keep up to ridicule those I love about their bizarre obsession with the show. I don't have issues with the fantasy of the thing. I've been known to get into the odd sci fi series or two... but I do take issue with cheap writing. I like to tease Lost fans about how the 'writers' (term used LOOSELY... trust me) have strung them along for an epically silly let down finale.

Seriously? All you need is love? THAT is the big take away? What a joke. And EVERYONE gets to heaven? Despite the fact that who have a group of murderers, thieves, adulterers, the list goes on and on, all seven deadlies are covered. But enough about that.

I normally wouldn't waste a precious post on Lost except for since the finale I have been having the most vivid dreams about how the show SHOULD have ended. Last night I had my fourth Lost Finale dream and thought I should share. This latest version included David Boreanez (that is right, of Angel and Buffy fame) having a tender goodbye scene with Kate. Apparently he'd been on the Island the whole time and now that they'd escaped back to real real life (not fake real life, like on the Actual Lost Finale) he had to go "take care of some things". Imagine he said this as cryptically as possible. To be fair to their dream acting, it was pretty stellar. Much better than the strange AND out of character/not properly built up goodbye scene between Kate and Jack during the Actual Lost Finale or ALF as it will henceforth be known. He then goes to some secret society that features robes, chanting, tribal tattoos. Here we discover that Sawyer, Jack, and Locke (real Locke, not Jacob's Nemesis Locke) are trapped on the Island and forced to fight each other Mortal Combat style. Weird Robed Society, Mr. Boreanez in particular, are controlling them and the island. Sadly, before any of the carefully set up conflict had resolved itself I woke up.

This dream joins the dream where everyone worked on the Island and it was a vacation resort a la that summer Saved By The Bell Season where people worked at a country club. The Island wasn't evil at all and everyone had really fun jobs. Kate and her parents ran a bed and breakfast. I believe Sawyer was a tour guide. It also joins the dream where Hurley was evil and had a secret base of operations where he controlled the evil Island. You had to get there via secret swimming pool entrance, and somehow Locke was trapped in a Volcano with Miles. I know. I am a vivid dreamer. But I am confident that ANY of my dreams would have been more plausible and better set up than the ALF.