Friday, July 1, 2011

The Truth

Okay. The Beardocrat and I have disagreed in the past about who is more geeky. So Alan found this test. We took it... and the results are in.

AGW- 27.86 %

MDW-30.44 %

Curse you, Academic Decathalon. Curse you, nerdy associates who led me into fan fiction. Curse you, Beardocrat for teaching me what I know about computers.


Wendy said...

Did that test take into account that Alan took the time to find that test? That alone should clinch his "most geeky" status.

Anne B. said...

Doesn't everyone have a small amount of geeky in them? I know I do; however, I only made it to intermission and, because of time and a crying baby, had to postpone, but I'm really not that geeky. I am, however, married to a geek. Yeah, he's TOTALLY geeky. and Nerdy. (He even has a shirt that says, "Nerds 2(squared) Ever"--I don't know how to make a squared in text, so just use your geeky imagination.

T-Ray said...

I didn't do very well on that test. ha ha

smithfieldman said...

Well you are both bigger geeks than I am. I only got a 22.14 percent. I blame you, Abby and Rachel for increasing my geek score.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.