Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Fruitland how we love thee!
This is my bestie and me. Were we thinner then? Yes, yes we were. Are we even MORE awesome now? Yes. Is that even possible? Oh, yes. This 15th The Wicked Rage (as she is known to her friends) will celebrate her birthday. Since she will be in Disneyland, this blog tribute will have to count as my happy birthday wish.

The Wicked Rage and I met when I got the cheapest apartment on short notice a week before the BYU semester started. I was 'technically' beginning my Junior year of college, but the place felt completely different because I had just returned home from serving a mission in Brazil (little did I know, so had The Wicked Rage!). I didn't know any of my roommates, and when I met her initially I thought she was a friend of my other roommate. I didn't have any thoughts on the subject. The Wicked Rage will tell you that she disliked me immediately. Well, dislike might be too strong, she said she thought I was weird and that I went home all the time. To clarify, the weirdness she speaks of is holing up and reading Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Series all night  every night. I don't think this is weird, one has to read all night to finish a book a day and I was WAY behind at that point. I didn't know there would be a million books in the series, then there were only seven. Now let me address the "go home all the time" accusation. I have a birthday in September,  Labor Day falls in September, and THAT particular year my former sister in law was having a baby shower in September. So yes, that MONTH, I did go home a lot, but not because I am a strange recluse, because there was free food at all of these events and I can not pass up free food.

The Wicked Rage has a prickly exterior. For this reason we didn't really click until one evening when she was watching a TV Show called American Idol. I had no idea what this show was about, but I asked her. She seemed annoyed with my questions. I didn't care, I asked her more questions. Then, we found ourselves mocking the contestants left and right and a friendship was born. This friendship has sustained moving together, a crazy roommate, various jobs, periodic homelessness, road trips, Angel marathons, fan fictions, unfortunate hair/fashion choices, and a car accident (or two). I've known the Wicked Rage longer than I've known the Beardocrat and I make it no secret I prefer watching movies with her (she LIKES to talk during movies).

Though the Wicked Rage has a prickly exterior, she has a tender heart. She is the first person I have told about each of my pregnancies (after the Beardocrat, of course). She is willing to go shopping at a moments notice and always convinces me to buy the shoes I need. She peer pressured me into cutting my nasty damaged hair after my mission, and that was a great choice. She is ALWAYS up for a gossip session. She tells me which make-up to buy, otherwise, I really wouldn't know. She introduced me to wake boarding. She enjoys horrible movies AS DO I! She is the person I share my secrets with. She has saved my sanity a million times over with her weekly visits. She makes me laugh. When I had Corinne-tin-tin (#3) she was at the hospital during the scheduled C-Section and saw the baby more thoroughly before I did! For these reasons, and many others, I named #3 to honor her.

#3's middle name is Linell, which is the Wicked Rage's middle name. It is a combination of both of her grandmother's names. I hope that #3 will have those attributes that I admire in my bestie. I hope she is kind and has a kind heart. I hope she is hard working. I hope she is service oriented. I hope she is a good friend. I hope she has a great sense of humor. I hope she is smart, and just a little nerdy. I hope she can pull off any hair color (including tiger stripes!). I hope that she lives up to the name we gave her.

Happy B-Day, Wicked Rage, you are the best Bestie around.
Corinne Linell and the original, Rachel Linell