Friday, June 28, 2013

Life Motto A

Never call something 'so stinkin' cute' when it is simply cute.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Crouching Line"

Squirmy's Handiwork

It is time to extol the virtues of my offspring. Young Squirmy has decided that he loves cars. This is actually nothing new, he has been lining up cars since... well since he learned to sort things which was very early on. This summer he's discovered Pixar's Cars which he calls "Race Cars". Now the latest installment of his car love is the discovery of Cake's Going the Distance

First off, who doesn't love Cake (the band and the food!)? One morning The Beardocrat entered Squirmy's room to discover him listening to Going the Distance on the iPod he has in his room. As The Beardocrat started singing, Squirmy chimed in as well... AND HE KNEW ALL THE WORDS! That is no small task There are a LOT of words in that song. There is nothing like hearing a two year old sing, "They deftly maneuver..." He wants to listen and sing "Crouching Line" all the time. He even requests two white colored pencils as his drumsticks so he can drum and sing. 

I know that other parents are proud of all As or that their children have mastered riding their bikes or that they've built orphanages in South America or other mundane achievements, but I am THRILLED that Squirmy loves to sing "Crouching Line".