Monday, August 27, 2007

Ahh, so many tales of glory--so little motivation

Well kids, I got hit today by a man who "left his license and registration at home" (And when I say I got hit, I mean my darling Constantine Radcliffe-Villanove [CR-V] got hit) I am not even certain that he was an actual alien of this fine country (for those of you who are worried that this isn't PC. Just know that I whispered that last sentence so everything is good). And he doesn't work, but collects disability. Will Constantine ever recover? I don't know but I am suddenly enraged.

ALSO, and in more horrifying news. Today I planned to once again partake the sweetness that is the Caramel Apple Pie at Gurus. Oh, guess what? The recipe is no longer wonderful and delicious. The crust which was once ooey and gooey and much the consistency of an apple crisp has been replaced by regular pie crust. What a waste! I might as well have gone to Costco to get some frozen yogurt because I know it would have been more enjoyable.

What else can I complain about while I have you all captive? Hmmm...the students are back in P-town and with them even more horrible driving. That is about it, getting in car accidents puts me in a bad mood apparently but on the upside at least I updated!