Thursday, June 25, 2009

A List: The Good Stuff

Occasionally at CPR I like to post a list about things that make life good. You can see some old favorites here and here, and oh wait, here. (PS--Thank you, Beardocrat for the technology)

So today, as I sit 'working' I thought it was time for another list of the good stuff:

1- goatlings
2- soft pajama bottoms
3- the smell of a field after a good rain
4- home made granola
5- lazy mornings
6- a good canyon run
7- curling up with a new book, and discovering a good buy
8- gchat
9- four day weekends
10- teasing anyone
11- dancing frogs
12- not answering the phone
13- ground pads
14- fabric dryer sheet scent
15-long summer days
16- 'Songs in the Night' Samantha Crain and The Midnight Shivers
17- wikipedia
18- colors
19- driving with windows down
20- thunder storms
21- purified water
22- holidays
23- matching plates
24- the slide guitar

There are more things, of course, but time runs short.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tales From the Supermarket Pt. II

Apparently people feel strongly about supermarkets. I know I do. I have tried to stock up on good supermarket karma. I always park far away from the store leaving the closer spots for people with lots of tiny children, and the elderly. I return my shopping cart to the designated areas. I do not leave unwanted items just lying willy-nilly at any part of the store. Despite these good citizen tactics it NEVER FAILS, I always pick the slowest check out lane. Because I AM a good citizen and would never think to hop into an express lane if I had too many items... I try to see which lane is going to be the most effective. I factor in amount of groceries, adeptness of the checker, potential coupon clipper. But honestly, it NEVER FAILS, I will get in a line where they change checkers and the unmotivated pot smoker takes far longer than necessary to scan the items. Of the person in front of me decides to pay with a check, then the check doesn't check out, so off to customer service. Or one of my items scans wrong and they have to send out a search party to determine whether the actual price was 1.47 or 1.49. Or (my favorite) the cash register/debit card machine decides to break. I have given up... now I will choose my lane based upon which candy bar combination I would be least likely to buy and which trashy tabloids I want to peruse while waiting... and waiting... and waiting...