Thursday, July 30, 2009

User Review: Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart

Today I ran out of protein bars... for those of you privileged enough to have eaten breakfast or lunch with me any time in the last four years know that generally I eat a protein bar. Specifically the Cliff Builders Bars with 20 g of protein. Yum. My favorite is, of course, the Peanut Butter, but every now and again I like the Chocolate Mint, or the Cookies-n-Cream. Despite what you may hear from Protein Bar Haters, these bars are both filling AND delicious. But enough about one of the loves of my life. Let us proceed to today's topic. The Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart. My verdict...
This Pop Tart does not resemble a cinnamon roll in either appearance or flavor. It is not scrumptious and juicy and dripping in delicious frosting (although the crunchy frosting substitute on top wasn't half bad... it being made solely of plastic and sugar, two things I love). I ate the Pop Tart cold as I eat all Pop Tarts and the cardboardlike texture of the crust was not as comforting as one would think. Next time I run out of protein bars... I will return to the Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Pop Tart, because it tastes like heaven.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


What was once lost is now found thanks to M. Craine, a gentleman and scholar... true story. Let us hear what Mr. Campbell has been up to... in his own words with a little commentary from me, of course...

"I still work for Chemical Lime Company as an Analyst ... the same job that I moved out here for a couple of years ago. I really like my co-workers and my job. Part of my responsibilities include developing the sales budget for the coming year; so July thru September is my busy season ... just getting into it now. Although it is hectic, in a sick way, I love the pressure because it gives me the chance to show my skillz (that's right ... skillz with a 'z'). I come out smelling like a rose (figuratively)
I bought a house down here just over a year ago. It's pretty cool. I live on the south end of fort worth ... only 15 minutes from work in a nice little housing development. The people are super-nice down here. I love the area, and don't have any plans to leave EVER! I am so sorry D.C. that the Texas climate has burned your braincells... I don't have any roommates, live-in girlfriends or pets, so it's just me. I like living alone, but I wonder if I might regret it later ... it will be a BIG adjustment to get used to living with someone again--if it ever comes to that :)
I am attending a singles ward down here; but sometimes I feel like a creepy old guy compared to the young kids around me. It's a little weird, but the people are great. I am currently ward mission leader (sound familiar??? I believe that's how we originally met it was, but I must not have got it right ... they want me to try again). Only in THIS ward, being ward mission leader is a little different ... it actually involves working with the missionaries and investigators / converts. We actually have a baptism coming up on Saturday, and I have to conduct :( I would much rather enjoy the meeting than be involved, but nobody ever asks my opinion!
Dating? Seriously? I thought you knew me!!! I did, but I had to ask, I am nosey. By my count it has been six years since I took a relationship seriously I don't remember that relationship? Does anyone else remember that relationship?. Given my less-than-enthusiastic attitude and non-existent level of effort ... let's just say that I would be suprised (to put it mildly) if a 'personal life' ever develops. Theoretically, I want to be in a relationship: marriage, kids, and whatever ... what do you mean by 'and whatever' Mr. C? but apparently I don't want it bad enough to get off my ass and do anything about it. Maybe T.M.I. I could have been more brief: I'm not dating anyone right now :)"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where In The World Is David Campbell?

I am on a mission. I must find David Campbell. I have been reflecting a lot lately about the past life, and I feel that I just let David Campbell slip into the wilds of Texas without maintaining the friendship. Sure, he didn't talk much. Sure, he had red hair. Sure, he liked Texas... but he had some really nice qualities. No one, absolutely NO ONE was a better BBQer. He was easily led into British Dramas, and was only slightly ashamed. He liked golf. He inspired the use of the full name. So if any of you has any information leading to the whereabouts of David Campbell formerly of BYU, formerly of Mesa AZ, formerly of Richfield UT, formerly of Roosevelt UT... bring him back.