Thursday, January 24, 2008

List of things I will avoid this weekend

A wise man once said, "Update Time" and since I do everything that wise men say, here goes. A brief list of the things this weekend that I will avoid:

1- The quilting bee Relief Society Service Project. This I will avoid like a rat carried plague in a time of famine. I find it interesting how I always manage to find time for the activities that involve free food...hmmm...
2- The baby shower.
3- Facebook. It is the devil.
4- Cookies, especially those of the chocolate chip persuasion.
5- Editing stewed slacker's political science paper. No, that I will not be able to get out of. The punk knows where I live.
6- Things with the word "choir" in them. Yeah, Brian! Stop hounding me. I have no interest in choir.

One thing I will not avoid is the movie Cloverfield. Not that I am terribly excited, but a certain Wicked Rage has been bought into the hype and as a result I will do along.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sledding: Why Did I Ever Stop?

I love sledding. After a seven year absence, I am BACK!!! I can't believe I forgot the joy of hurtling down an ice-packed mountain at speeds that can only be considered indecent. Thank you, Jillian, for inviting me to re-visit memories of days gone by and rekindle that love of danger.

On a side note, parents are neglecting a very important duty. They should be teaching sledding hill etiquette. For example: children should not be walking up an established sledding trail while sleds are trying to go down said trail; cookie sheets are not sleds; dogs should not wear snow suits; in fact, dogs are not allowed on sledding hills...ever...for any reason; if a sled is coming at you, do not stand stupidly watching the advance...get out of the way. I know all of these ideas are not novel or revolutionary. These are ideas like unto those that are country was founded upon. So for heaven's sake, Parents (and future parents as many of you reading this blog have yet to multiply and replenish), teach your children well...