Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tales From The Supermarket: Costco Edition

I love Costco... but I hate Costco as well, and the more I go, the more I hate it. Here is a quick list of the things I love:
Cakes! Could I go into more of a sugar coma because of their frosting... I think not. I like to celebrate every event in my life with a cake from Costco.
Ginormous (yes, I used the word ginormous) boxes of cereal.
Bread..mmm, they have yummy bread from places in Italy that make wonderful French dips.
Chicken Nuggets shaped like dinosaurs.
Excellent frozen vegetables, seriously, the highest quality you are going to get.
Mattresses. We bought our queen sized mattress here after shopping around and it was inexpensive in comparison.
Variety of goods. Where else can you get a mattress, frozen vegetables, power tools, a lap top, and a hot dog for your troubles?
Chicken Bakes. These are great and I don't mind going on a date to Costco if a Chicken Bake is on the menu.

Now, let us get to the most unpleasant list, with emphasis on the last item.
Lines. The checkout always has ridiculously long lines.
Largest carts in the world. I get it that they want me to stock up on 56 rolls of toilet paper and still have room for that pork shoulder, but I just don't need THAT large a cart. You get three of those in an aisle and you have a traffic jam.
Parking lot. It seems like Costco is the worst parking lot for bad driving in a state known for its bad drivers. I nearly get run into every time I go to Costco, and it is a lot, because a girl needs cake.
SAMPLES. I HATE the samples. I really do. First of all, a store is for shopping, not for hanging around trying to get a meal. In addition, the samples turn regular people into a pack of piranhas who have no respect for those that are actually trying to get in and get out of Costco in a reasonable amount of time. I have been jostled, run into, nearly run over, all by people wanting to get a bite sized portion of ravioli or some other nonsense. My estimation of humanity plummets when I watch people going after the samples.


Tracy said...

I don't have a costco card... so I hardly experience what it is like in there... but I often experience food from there and I have LOVED everything that comes from there.
P.S. We still need to have our cup cake-o-thon.

Wendy said...

I agree the samples! Have people never eaten before? All too often during a trip to Costco, I would get too overwhelmed by all the people and just have to leave. We live about a half hour from the nearest Costco here, but only 3 minutes from the Sam's Club. Their parking lot is never full and there are only about 12 people shopping there. I am glad we swithced.

Dan and LaVon said...

I more reason I LOVE CO. Our Costco's are not like that, the people anyway, Yep still have samples but people are glommed around them with 6 kids wanting seconds. Parking not a problem either. Long lines only at certain times and right before a major holiday. Gotta love those cakes!

Karen E. said...

I let my Costo membership expire, and now I just go with other people and mooch off of their membership.

So, on an unrelated note, are you going to take another trip to Costco anytime soon? :)

stewedslacker said...

Do you think less of me because one thing I really enjoy about Sam's Club/Costco are the samples.... Just don't get between people and free food, not a hard concept to master.

smithfieldman said...

I have never been to Costco, but probably have had food from there if one of the cakes at a party at your house wsa from there.

The Rage said...

I also hate the samples when they cause traffic jams with the giant carts... but sometimes they are tasty :)

Anne B. said...

We don't have a Costco here, so we shop at Sam's, but one thing that I HATE about shopping at a bulk store is that you can never seem to get out of there without blowing $100. I mean, I know it saves me $$ in the long run, but I HATE that. :)