Monday, March 10, 2008


I realize I blog seldom these days. As I was re-reading the old blog, I remember why I loved blogging. What an anonymous outlet for the venom that sometimes gets into my life. As I was thinking these deep thoughts I realized it is far past time to write a tribute post to THE WICKED RAGE and our years together.

Alpine Court Memories:
The Duck Paper--teaching children everywhere that making up facts for a good cause is okay
Carrie Two: The Rage
Making The Rage hate Brad
Making The Rage hate Adam
Making The Rage heart Reed
Tucano's and free dessert
The Nun
First California Road Trip
The Love Lights
Adrienne and Marshall
F squared
The Dave Heirarchy: David Sloan will always and forever be number one...
Getting molested by Dan
The Mosaic
Freak on a Leash on Sunday Mornings
Predator Check
Trais is tapered jeans and the red sweatshirt
Chinese New Year
Sunday School in the Cambridge Scholar room
First Corn
The hottest summer ever
Bean bag lover
Laurel's rendition of Maxwell's Silver Hammer
The wedding dresses hanging from hooks

Wow, there is way too much to get into. I was going to try to fit Goldstone and Brickhaven, but I might have to do a The Rage series. Anyone may add to the memories of Alpine Court as I am fading fast and I don't remember all that I used to....