Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

Regular readers of CPR and friends realize that I am generally a chipper soul. Despite the name and avowed purpose of the blog, I usually feel content about life. This Christmas Eve; however, I woke up thinking about gifts that I had not yet purchased, a car that needed to be cleaned, packing that hadn't yet been dreamed about, in addition to a drive to the Homestead that would only lead me to certain portions of my family. In short... I have been dreading Christmas vacation for a while. To add to my very evident chagrin... I was elected to work. I generally volunteer for this sort of thing because I feel badly about taking people away from their children, but this year I didn't want to exercise charity. As I sat at my desk typing away furiously my cell phone rang. The following call is true:

Me: Hello (imagine slightly annoyed voice as I do not LOVE personal calls at work... but since I had taken one from said individual the day before, I felt like a slight hypocrite).
AF: Hey, are you in the need of Christmas spirit?
Me: (suspicious) Why?
AF: I am going to drop off the Sub-4-Santa stuff and wondered if you wanted to come along?
Me: Are you serious? You haven't done that yet?
AF: They wanted it done today.

In short I ended up taking my lunch break and heading over to Springville with a car packed full of gifts serenaded by the Garth Brooks Christmas Album ( I don't like his music, but he has a lovely voice). AF was pumped about the prospect of seeing the family, but I will admit to being less thrilled. As we pulled up to the trailer, I found myself wondering how eight people could live in a double wide trailer... And when we knocked I was slightly nervous about what I would possibly say to them. Imagine six little kids crowding the door and thankful parents. I don't want to get all Latin Fury on you, but I am a little weepy as I type this blasted post. They were genuinely wide eyed and in no way cynical. The phrase full of a "brightness of hope" comes to mind.

I suppose this is my way of saying Merry Christmas, and thanks to the many friends who have made this year awesome. It has been truly wonderful and next year promises to be even better.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Because you demand it...

Time for an update, why? Because you demand it. Well, at least Casey demands it.

Okay... Now I have to kill 50 minutes...
M: I actually have work, but all of it requires a lot more than 50 minutes.
I suppose I could get a few reviews in order...
C: or alternatively you could blog.
M: But do I have anything of import to blog about?
C: You could blog about the erosion of capitalism and the proposed auto bailout and bush's abandoment of conservatism. . . Or you could blog about the five reasons you like having curly hair.

So these are my top five reasons I like having curly hair.

1- I can straighten it. When the mood strikes I CAN take the time to straighten it. Alternately, some people with straight hair can't make theirs curly. True and sad story.

2- Wind doesn't bother it. In fact, sometimes I have been out in the wind and people think it looks nice. Little do they know, it doesn't.

3- The rats have an instant nest. Sometimes rats need a place to lay their heads, and boy do I have one.

4- When I am in the middle of meetings that are not pleasant, I can always pull on my curls. I watch them straighten, then release them and say "Boi-oi-oing" under my breath. People with sleek, smooth, straight hair really do not have this option.

5- Camping doesn't affect me. Curly hair is not phased by camping. It always looks messy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Bill Wrigley Update

So, it may come as no surprise, Nursing Home Quarterly Meetings have evolved into events where I get to observe the magnificence that is Bill Wrigley. This is what I learned during NHQ this morning (well worth the drive...):

Bill is RETIRING this January. That is right. I will no longer have any reason to go to NHQ. Well, technically I will still have reason to go, as it is my job (although, without Bill... is there any reason to stay?), but I will have nothing to do during NHQ.

Bill always wears the hat. For a while I thought that it was a summer thing. No. The hat accompanies him everywhere.

Bill has an iPhone. So the man who couldn't figure out how to print out a case barcoded form from Content Manager suddenly knows how to work the iPhone... interesting.

Bill thinks I am funny. Truly. I was taking note. I only made two comments during the meeting. Both of these were slightly sarcastic, and Bill let out a genuine (albeit reluctant) laugh at each. He didn't crack a smile for the rest of the meeting. Although I do not know why because pre-paid funeral plans, and VA pension benefit breakdowns are generally thought to be very merry subjects.

So I am now looking for a new Bill Wrigley to fill the void. His replacement was at NHQ and showed a certain promise when he refused to shake my hand because I have a cold... we'll see.