Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tales From the Supermarket Pt. One

Fifteen items or less means simply this... FIFTEEN ITEMS OR LESS. Preferably less. If you are confused, you may simply count the items in your basket. Yes, basket... if you have a cart and have anything other than a 50 lb bag of dog food or charcoal and a carton of milk... surprise, you don't have fifteen items. Trust me. You have more than 15 and are just trying to scrape through and destroy the delicate order that the supermarket society promotes. I don't care if it is SIXTEEN. I don't want to stand behind you with my lonely loaf of bread as you ring in your two carts full of penny candies and then pay with a check.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Just joshing. It isn't. And I find that private blogs defeat the purpose of blogs--at least in my mind. Initially when I started the old blog, I was blogging to the 3-4 other people I knew who had blogs and the random strangers/companies that are selling something that would occasionally stumble onto my blog. I wasn't posting great personal revelations or musings that I wouldn't feel completely comfortable with Big Steve and The Latin Fury reading. Yes, even that post when I said I wanted to break up with my parents...

There is just something comforting about posting out into the void and wondering if some soul out there millions of miles away will read it. Frequently, I just hit next and see what other blogs are doing in the world (One day I plan to post a list of the blogs I have found and secretly loved, but I am too unmotivated at present). I have read touching stories about adoption, parents losing children, drunken Canadian nights out with hipsters, people obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and a bajillion baking/scrapbooking ladies willing to share their recipes and ideas. I have found photography sites, and culinary sites, and travel sites, and it has been quite interesting. Now, my ego doesn't persuade me to believe that people are stumbling onto my site and being wowed by the design (that was for you, Beardocrat :x) or the content. But my blog is all me. And will always be all me for all the world (and my two semi regular readers... thanks Smithfieldman and The Rage) to read about. This is my declaration and promise that this blog will not go private!