Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boys v Girls Part II

I do adore boys. Having only brothers I feel like they are the bees knees. That being said, one area in which women will always reign supreme (the notable exception being Mr. C. Lance) is in the area of fact gathering...

Let me elaborate. The Beardocrat has a friend who we will call Jared (I am pretty certain Jared is oblivious to this blog, and feel no guilt about using his real name). Jared has been dating a girl named Katy (also real name)for a while. Occasionally, the Beardocrat and I go on dates w/ Jared and Katy. Even before Katy was a thought in Jared's head I pressured him for information about his dating life. I discussed his dating fetes and failures with him and would analyze all the data I received to assist him. Because that is what I do. I assist people who don't always want or require my assistance (a really great perk that comes along with being a girl!).

Once the Beardocrat told me he and Jared would be lunching together. I knew he could not be trusted to talk about things other than typeface, and design ethics, and stories about a mutually despised former co-worker, I sent him with a list of questions specifically designed to force Jared to reveal the details of his relationship with Katy. The Beardocrat just forwarded these questions to Jared in an email format. He didn't even bother to sneak them in during conversation!

They had another lunch post our most recent double date adventure and the Beardocrat again did not seek out the desired information. Boys.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boys v Girls

I was people watching on my way to work today (hey, it happens) and spotted three boys about nine years old heading to school. The Beardocrat and I happen to live sandwiched in between two elementary schools, and a jr high/highschool so any which way I drive to work I am running into (not literally. Safety first people) kids. Anyway, this group of kids was having a spitting contest across the train tracks. I had to smile. I remember walking home from the bus stop with my older brother as he taught me how to 'gleek'. I still can't do it.

Compare that little vignette to when the Beardocrat and I had the misfortune of floating down a river with a gaggle of 10-12 yr old girls. There was a lot of unnecessary screaming, and over dramatizing and trying to get the attention of the 14 yr old boy in the group.

That being said, I am sure there are dramatic boys (hello, stewedslacker) and girls who aren't insane by the age of eleven. I just like to see boys being boys on their way to school.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 2010 Mix

I put together the music. Beardocrat put together the art. Download if you please.