Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political Platform

Previously I promised a book review about a couple cat mysteries that I recently read. I know. I don't want to talk about it. Well, the book review will have to wait. I have been asked my thoughts on the political situation, and those of you that know me, know that I secretly watched the Oliver North trials on television whilst I was supposed to be napping. So, to put it mildly. I have my opinions on these things. To demonstrate my point I have inserted an IM conversation about the subject.

Casey: As far the as the governor race is concerned, I am not really following it. There is nothing to follow since we know who will win. However, this: http://dellschanze.blogspot.com/ is why people think libertarians are crazy.
Casey: I particularly enjoy this quote: There really isn't a choice for Governor in Utah for those that believe in God. ALL, 100%, every single Christian in Utah will vote for Dell Schanze as governor.
Michele: That guy is NUTS

Casey: It annoys me that he doesn't actually understand libertarianism. He thinks it means he can run around pulling is gun on the streets of Salt Lake. Yet at the same time displays that he understands absolutely nothing about the founding fathers, or anything for that matter.
Michele: The guy is just nuts! I have no idea what else we can say about him. No one like him should have a blog.
Casey: I think "nuts" captures it. The thing is, people will tie his name with the word libertarian, and then make it harder for legitimate libertarians to ever have a chance. not that they have much of one as it is. . .
Michele They don't and I feel a need to affiliate with a party primarily because 'Independent' is just a fancy word for non committal democrat. And I do not want to be a non-committal democrat.
Casey: Maybe you should affiliate with the constitution party.
Michele: Ooohhh, do they have a web site? I need to do a little research.
Casey: yes, they are mildly popular in Utah County. Basically they say "we need to get back to the founding fathers and the constitution" which sounds exciting, until it turns out by that, they mean get back to the bible, because the founding fathers were all devotedly Christian. www.constitutionparty.com (That is funny, I just read the article "Ron Paul endorses Chuck Balwdin" which make it appear that Ron Paul personally endorsed him. But as it turns out he endorsed all third party candidates.)
Michele: I have searched the facts and realized that this party likes the bible too much for me.
Casey: I agree. And this coming from two bible believers. . .
Michele: Ish.. lets not get crazy.

Casey: Well, yes, if you ignore the noah thing . . . How about: http://www.prohibition.org/
Michele: Based solely on their angelfire-esque website I'm going to have to give them a no. What else do you have?
Casey: http://www.theamericanparty.org/ http://americafirstparty.org/
Michele: Oh my! Utahns in the leadership...I can support that.
Casey: I find the conservative third parties much more fun
Michele: At least America First has a platform. That is pretty organized.
Casey: This one even had a convention in Utah: http://www.usiap.org/ Its funny how on the front page the declare all of the God stuff, and then quote our deist friend Thomas Jefferson.Casey Lance: Why not quote him on religion???
Michele: That would get too sketchy. He is inspired about government...clearly, but NOT about religion.
Casey: yeah, but I get tired of hearing everyone say he and the founding fathers were basically Mormon and that everything they did was based on the belief in the Christian god. It simply isn't true.
Michele: You know that, I know that. Do we really need to shatter the faith of those who don't? That is why Fourth of July Sunday drives me nuts sometimes.
Casey: Yes, I do need to shatter their faith.
Michele: Do you think the constitution party would be in favor of something like that? No. It would not.
Casey: No, it would not. And that makes me like the idea more . . .

In reality I have become very cynical about politics and politicians. Do I believe that there are still good people in government? Hmmm.... I believe people have good intentions, but they become part of the machine that is beaurocracy. (hypocrite alert--I realize that I am employed solely because beaurocracy exists) So this year for the election--all but the Presidential, in which I will be voting my concience...neither of the candididates--I am going to vote against the incumbent. See www.simsisms.blogspot.com I say we send a message.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bill Wrigley Update

His book is a science fiction/fantasy about aliens that help the pilgrims or pilgrims that help aliens??? I am not sure, but it is called Pilgrims Among the Stars.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seriously, DWS? Seriously?

I enjoy my job. I get to IM Casey, email Smithfieldman, help people in need, and come into contact with people whose lives are much more difficult than my own. Though Casey and I mention ETD--estimated departure time--more often than two people should, I generally leave my job feeling like I have made the world a bit better. I can look in the many mirrors that I surround myself with and say "Politicchic6, you have done it again, you minx (I only add that last part when I am feeling particularly saucy)". Then there are the days like today. Days when I stroll in just a little late to see several emails and voice mails and I try to
imagine what my doppelganger must be up to. I am sure he/she is jet setting around, perhaps has landed in Scotland for a meeting with Sir David Davidson about Tory reform, then would be off to speak at a convention in Ghana about children's literacy levels and corporate funding for private education. I am; however, receiving emails like these. This is an ACTUAL email sent on the State email system. I have altered nothing. I only wish that I had.

Ok everyone here is another one of my inspirational emails....
You know the government is saving energy costs with the new 4 -10 hours days...
There are a few things that they should not be saving on for the well being of Us, the Employees... That is right water and toiletries. As we are here for longer hours each day it is still very important to our system to have proper hydration and excretion. Especially in these stressful times we do not need to have physical in-balances. FACT: Approximately 60% of non-illness headaches are related to the body's hydration. Make sure that you are drinking water (that is what the drinking fountains are for) throughout the day.
And any doctor will tell you Don't hold it. And 10 hours is just too long to hold it! :)
There is a lot of stress that is out of our control, but these are things that can greatly increase our ability to deal with the uncontrollable stressors...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Playlist Part II

Yes, fans (I am that pretentious) you have been clamouring (and by clamoring one person mentioned that the second half had not been posted). Here it is...

1993/94- Say Something James. This song may have single-handedly begun my obsession with whiny British music.
1994/95- Miss Sarajevo U2. I enjoyed the time in Germany, though I could not get behind Miriam's weird obsession with Take That, I could appreciate a mutual love for U2.
1995/96- Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin. All I can say is, American In Paris...how I love thee. I also wrote my history of theater research paper about the man. My university password was also a shout-out to Gershwin. (g.gershwin/1938) What can I say... I was very concerned about my privacy.
1996/97- Steppin' Stone The Monkeys. A great tribute to a man who made Jason's life a little less pleasant. I used to listen to this and cruise around in the 'Stang feeling rather cool.
1997/98- Clair da Lune Debussy. This was a big year, I graduated and started at BYU. I used to drive around in the rain a lot listening to this. No, I was not weird. Yes, I fancied myself an intellectual.
1998/99- Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire 98 Degrees. My second year living with girls makes me ban Christmas Albums. I HATE boy bands, yet I know the entire 98 Degrees catalogue. Go ahead and quiz me. I will say one thing...without the boy bands, yours truly would never have decided to volunteer for my church for one and a half years.
1999/00- More Than Us Travis. This song pretty much summed up the "big" relationship of my life at that point. I also drove around in the rain listening to this a lot. No, I was not depressed. Yes, I was a little dramatic.
2000/01- Mais Um Na Miltidao Erasmo Carlos and Marisa Monte. Okay, so technically I wasn't "listening" to music at this point in my life...but that doesn't mean I wasn't hearing it. I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this song since it was the theme to a Brazilian Novella. Sadly, I have yet to acquire a copy.
2001/02- Solitude Tony Bennett. Coming home was odd. A lot had changed, and I was not ready to re-enter the scene entirely. I once wrote a short story based entirely on the lyrics to this classic and listened to it A LOT.
2002/03- A Praise Chorus Jimmy Eat World. Anything that features Mr. Tommy James and the Shondelles is more than okay with me. I STILL love this song.
2003/04- Blower's Daughter Damien Rice. This song + freezing pub in Inverness + Scottish man playing live = that strange sensation that isn't quite love, but close enough.
2004/05- Automatic Stop The Strokes. This song reminds me of all the drama surrounding Yoko. Still thankful for "Dear Johns".
2005/06- D'yer Maker Led Zeppelin. I was all over the place this year. I remember trying to make life decisions and reconciling that P-Town just couldn't release me.
At least I had great tunes to keep me grounded.
2006/07- Sailing Away Travis. I love a good hidden track. And I love Banjos. And I love Travis. How could this song not be one of my 'running down Provo Canyon' standards?
2007/08- Thistledown The Comas. So the year is not yet over. Who knows what I may say at the end? All I know is that I associate this song with the beginning of the year and things that took me off guard in a good way.

There you have it. My life in music.