Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evolution of a Ladybug

 Ladybug's first day at home... so confused with remnant of sticky hair bow.
                      Ladybug's blessing day. Frilly pink dress and attentive Beardocrat.
       Just showing the world how to look this good while swathed in layers of tulle. She rocks it.

I am an only girl. I played with trucks, in the mud, and despised personal grooming. Despite my love of cocktail dresses and pedicures, I still consider myself a 'not very feminine' female. When I got pregnant with the world famous Squirmy I really hoped for a boy. When I got pregnant with Ladybug, I also wanted a boy. I can recall the ultrasound revealing the gener and the Beardocrat and I were like, "Meh". You could tell the ultrasound tech was surprised and felt bad for poor, unborn, Ladybug.

I wish I could describe the metamorphosis. From utter fear and a 'what am I going to do with her' mentality, to liking her oh, so much. Having a little girl is just different from having a little boy. Both the Beardocrat and I agree. Little Ladybug is not super affectionate (unlike unto Squirmy who begs for cuddles) and one day the Beardocrat said in exasperation, "I just want to cuddle my little girl!" but she was busy arching her back and trying to get away from him. :)

Part of the reason I feel I relate to Ladybug differently is that I suppose I understand what her life might be like, being a girl myself. Now, I don't know if she will be like me, at this point she doesn't seem to have many of my personality traits, but who knows? But I feel like certain events that will take place in her life, are events that have already taken place in mine, and I will be able to relate to her in a way that I won't be able to relate to Squirmy. Maybe it is her sweetness, or the whole sugar and spice thing, but our whole family seems to gravitate to Miss Ladybug to shower her with kisses, cuddles, and to make her smile and laugh.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I am going to write a little snapshot of my day, for your reading enjoyment.

Time: 12:26 PM (which means afternoon... I know the whole AM/PM thing gets dicey around noon)
What I am up to: Blogging, obviously.
What I am REALLY up to: Avoiding packing for an overnight trip to my ancestral home while listening to the sounds of Portishead AND Squirmy who is running around in his room even though he should be napping.
What I am wearing: PJs, yep, still in the PJs, I have yet to brave real clothing today.
What I look like: AWESOME. My hair is in braids, I am wearing my reading glasses, and I probably look slightly drowsy because the Beardocrat and I went to bed WAY too late last night.
What I have accomplished today: All the children are alive, fed, and relatively clean. A load of laundry. Slight straightening of the kitchen and a gchat w/ Scandrew (smithfieldman) about current events and KBYU TV which neither of us actually get. Had a dance party with Squirmy.

So a pretty slow day over here, because it is about to get a whole lot more real. I am on my way to put Squirmy down for a SECOND time, and actually load up Forrest with pesky things like diapers, and blankets etc.

Until Next Time