Friday, August 31, 2012

Warning Mommy Blog Post

This little guy makes me smile
So, Squirmy (pictured above) likes to talk A LOT. Not all of what he says makes sense, but we are getting there. He is also kind of famous for running around and being crazy and loud--I wonder where he inherited that? Yesterday, in a rare moment of calm, we were laying together on the couch with his chubby chick and snuggling. Note- Chubby Chick is actually a stuffed chubby yellow baby chicken. Squirmy sighed and said, "Happy." Awww... my pregnancy induced hormones were touched. I was happy, too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Showers: Why I am Against Registries

It seems the season of weddings and birthings is upon me. If you are female (and if you are reading this there is a 97% chance that you are) you are required to attend all sorts of showers. I think the idea is that you shower the prospective bride/mother with gifts. Having once been a bride and once been a mother and having been subjected to no less than 6 showers for both events, I must say I can see why a new mother would need to be showered with gifts. She is getting an infant, and most infants are not that pleasant to be around. But a bride... she is getting a husband, and hopefully that is gift enough. But I digress. The purpose of this particular rant is the wedding/baby registry.

Unless you are my best of best good friend (hi, wicked rage!) you are NOT getting both a wedding gift and a bridal shower gift. I am going to give you one gift and one gift only. If you are a child of a co-worker, you are not getting a gift. If you are a distant cousin, no gift. If you are someone that my husband met once through work, no gift. If I sense that I am being invited because you want a gift, you will not get a gift. But if we are truly friends, and you want to share your big life events with me, I would like to share a gift with you... I DO; however, take exception when you tell me WHAT to get you. The purpose of a gift is to be... well, a gift. The idea of the gift loses its luster when you tell me in no uncertain terms, what you'd like that gift to be.

Okay, I know in this day and age it has turned into wedding 'tradition' and is meant to be helpful to all of those people who might not have an idea of what to get you. I also know that when the Beardocrat and I wed several people asked us why we hadn't registered. One of the main reasons is I did not see our wedding as a means to get gifts. I genuinely wanted to celebrate with those who I invited. A gift wasn't necessary at all. And THAT is what I told people who inquired (an interesting fact, the Beardocrat does not agree with me about registries. He loves them. But he also doesn't like to think of what gift would be a perfect fit and what would be meaningful). If I am giving a gift to you, it means that I know you, and want to give you something from the heart. I am grateful for those who attended all bridal showers, wedding events, and baby showers and to everyone who felt the need to give us gifts. The most wonderful gifts were things that were a complete surprise and things that if I had registered, I never would have thought of. Having a registry takes the spontaneity and joy out of giving. There I said it.

In short, I think the registry is tacky. Yep, tacky. But there is something even more tacky. My cousin had a baby shower and in the invitation, told people that 'there were certain things she needed' and she would prefer cash to gifts. I had the opportunity to attend a baby shower WITH said cousin who then whined because her friend got all sorts of cute things. It was then her mom said that they would throw her another shower, and hopefully people would bring gifts. Yeah, my family is classy sometimes.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Devil's Brigade

The Handsome Devil in the sunglasses is my Dad... I think this was at the LTM (MTC for all you youngins)
A bajillion years ago, my dad (known as Big Steve to fans and followers) was an extra in a movie. My dad was in college then and I imagine he weighed a buck 20 soaking wet. Add glasses. Add a 6'2 body with pants that didn't always meet his ankles... you have a movie star in the making. I've always been curious about this movie, and always assumed it probably wasn't that great. Thanks to the joy of Netflix, I was able to view this cinematic masterpiece. It isn't half bad.

The movie is a fictionalized version of WWII's actual Devil's Brigade (plucky group of American and Canadian soldiers that made of the first special services group). Filmed in Utah and starring big names (William Holden!) the movie utilized BYU students as extras. My dad was in two scenes. One when the Canadians come marching into camp (yeah, Big Steve was cast as a Canadian!) and one where there is a bar fight. Wikipedia (source of all you could ever want to know) even related how having BYU students as extras during that scene created some challenges as they didn't smoke or drink. They had to bring in smoke machines. Well, you can't see Big Steve in any of the footage, but I will take his word for it. Glad to know I wasn't the only one in the family to get a little creative during Final's Week.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last week I received not my first, but my SECOND invitation to join a group of Bunko players. My knowledge of Bunko is fairly limited based on things overheard from various conversations that I was absentmindedly taking part in, but my understanding of Bunko is as follows: Ladies get together. They pay money. They gossip. They eat. They roll dice. They come home with crappy home decor. Granted, I am the Latin Fury's daughter and a lot of the aforementioned activities are appealing to me, but I can't do it. I am too young for Bunko. Now, I know people who will claim that you are never to young for Bunko, but I disagree. While I have an ounce of spring in my step, I will not join your Bunko Group? Club? Coven? Not sure about the terminology, but I am out. Sorry.