Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Perspective

Recently I got together with my freshman year roommates. We don't all live close to each other, and we don't see each other terribly often, but it is always interesting to get together. Between us we've seen some life! I remember vaguely calling ourselves the Sixters because there were six of us and we were like sisters. Pretty clever, I know. We were clever even as freshman.

A few years back one of the Sixters got a divorce. I remember feeling terribly sad and helpless and thought, "This is certainly the worst thing that could ever happen to one of us." And of course, I wondered why it DID happen. The Sixter, of course, picked herself up and moved on and is now the mother and step mother of a family of six kids! Who would have thought?

This last weekend Squirmy was up to his usual tricks and the Beardocrat and I were both pretty grumpy about parenthood and all that jazz. I would say uncharacteristically grumpy because the Beardocrat is rarely grumpy... but I am often out of sorts, so there goes that. At any rate, I found out that the next day that one of the Sixters lost her little baby girl who died in her sleep. As I shuffled through the day giving Squirmy extra cuddles and letting him sleep in my arms (a rare luxury), I felt that same helplessness and "How could this happen? Why did this happen?" Then I stumbled upon this. I particularly like the quote from Elder Holland, and the accompanying video.

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smithfieldman said...

That was a pretty great video