Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Playlist Part 1

I recently sent a playlist to a few friends of songs that I was listening to at work. I did this because a) I am sure they were dying to know and b) it was a slow work day. A certain Smithfieldman responded that he had never heard of the bands or the songs mentioned and seemed to elude to the fact that I have music elitist tendencies like unto the founder and CEO of Simsisms. I would like to deny that fact, but I decided--inspired by a certain character from a certain TV show that I am ashamed I have been sucked into--to make a little playlist of my life. These are actual songs, hopefully more well known, that make up the soundtrack to my life at certain times. I will be having a birthday soon (I accept gifts, cashiers checks, all major credit cards, and chocolate) and have tried to make my playlist reflect where I was at certain points in my life.

1979/80- Okay, no song. I don't remember any music. I am sorry.
1980/81- Yesterday The Beatles. This is the first song I can remember hearing and I LOVED it. All the talk of hideaway reminded my 2 year old self of hide-n-seek.
1981/82- Teddy Bear Elvis. I remember listening to my parents sing this on road trips. And yes, I will sing this to my hypothetical children.
1982/83- Give Said the Little Stream as sung by the Fruitland Primary Singers. I had a passionate argument about the lyrics of this gem. Sadly he was right. Is it my fault we only sang the first verse and I had no idea the others existed? I was four, give me a break!
1983/84- Muddly Puddle ? Another road trip classic. If I could find this song now, I would buy it and force my nephews to love it.
1984/85- The House of Four Doors Moody Blues. I listened to this song on vinyl--yeah I was hip--so many times. I enjoy the creaky doors and chains you can hear in the background.
1985/86- Song Sung Blue Neil Diamond. Genius song writing. Hats of Mr. Diamond.
1986/87- La Hora De Rock ? I HATED this song, but it reminds me of our Spanish lessons that The Latin Fury was so intent on.
1987/88- Blonds Have More Fun Rod Stewart. Yes, I am serious. My cousin Sarah and I used to sing this into the mirror with our hairbrushes. This is before I learned that blonds were evil and refused to like any blond characters in fiction.
1988/89- High Enough Damn Yankees. To my fifth grade soul this song had all the pathos and longing that a song should have.
1989/90- Can't Touch This MC Hammer. This song was listed in my sixth grade yearbook as my I think it deserves a shout out.
1990/91- Somewhere in Time Theme. I drove my parents nuts playing this on the piano over and over again. I still remember most of it without sheet music.
1991/92- A Bad Goodbye Clint Black and Wynona Judd. Like all rebellious kids, I went through an eight month country phase that I am not necessarily proud of. But I still like this song, and it goes on every break up mix I am a part of.
1992/93- November Rain Guns-N-Roses. I don't want to talk about it.

All right. Half of my life in music. The other half coming soon. So this is a two disk set.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jason World Survivors UNITE!!!

What is Jason World? Well, I am no scientist, or Star Trek fan, though I did manage to plod my way through Contact (even that binary part), but Jason world occurs when there is a vortex or wormhole in the space/time continuum. It is the moment when you realize that you are engaged in an activity that you swore you would not become engaged in or do not like, and yet, there you are. And even are kind of enjoying yourself. This, my friends, is Jason World. It is that special ability that Jason has to steal your will and make you believe--if only for a moment--that you exist to make his life happy/easy/comfortable.

For your evidence I submit exhibit A: December 2008.
Where did the month go? I vaguely recall having all sorts of productive plans. I also remember initially that I had time to execute those plans. January came and nothing had happened. In fact the month passed so quickly that I was shocked...and yet I could not recall DOING anything. That is when I knew that I had been sucked into Jason World. I get vague PTSD flashes of driving him here and paying for him there... Jason!

I know I am not the only victim of Jason World, and I invite you all to share your stories. Perhaps we could form a support group. It will be better than the blogvention we planned for Jason that never happened. Our group could be called JWS--Jason World Survivors.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Work "Parties"

On the list of things that I don't like somewhere between fitted sheets and small talk you will find Work Parties. (You will notice that I used quotations in the subject. This is because misused quotation marks are hilarious and on the list of things that Casey does not like.) Above you will see a picture of my work team building retreat. I am the one anxiously studying my sandwich to avoid any awkward moments where our team might retreat to build something. Regular readers of CPR--and those numbers are few as this blog is anything but posted regularly--will note that I DO love a good party. Generally because parties are a place where people with mutual interests such as eating cake and/or gossiping come together to share those mutual interests. Work parties force you to interact with people you generally avoid while at work.
This being said, I TOTALLY enjoyed my work party. I do have masochistic tendencies. Also, a gentleman that we will call Bill Wrigley-- because that is his name, came to spread his particular brand of grumpiness for the first half hour. I will admit to being slightly obsessed with him ever since he shouted across the room at me during a meeting. Then I discovered that he had published a Sci-Fi novel, and what can I say...I seek out opportunities to study my subject at close range. Bill did not disappoint as he made bitter observations about the activity and left at the soonest possible moment. But I did get a chance to engage him in conversation which means I am getting what, I can not say. Perhaps I will discover at our next work party.