Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love Story: all about Brad

I can sense regular readers of CPR rolling your eyes, but trust me. This has nothing to do with those who sport beards. This is a different Love Story that I am indirectly involved in. It is February and in honor of this grand month it is time to recall love of days gone by.

Last year I got a friendship request on facebook from a woman in Colorado who will henceforth be known as The Kindly Old Lady (TKOL). We had no mutual friends and she didn't have a picture so I just let the invite sit... and sit... and sit. But my curiosity got the better of me and one day I accepted. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that TKOL only had friends named Michele that spelled their names with one L! After a little perusing I discovered that on a cruise TKOL, who has a bit of a sentimental side, found a message in a bottle written by a Brad to a one L Michele. Apparently this letter was deeply moving as Michele broke Brad's heart. I can relate to one L Michele's being a little ruthless where love is concerned and I DO know a Brad. I asked him if I ever broke his heart and if he ever poured his feelings into a bottle he threw into the ocean, he replied in the negative. (He was probably lying, because it is ME we are talking about) So I was forced to tell TKOL that she could scratch me (and Brad S.) off her list. Today I wanted an update on TKOL's search and found the following:

To all the Michele’s that have kindly accepted and assisted me in my search. It’s with deep regret that I have to end my search for the Michele & Brad “message in a bottle” romantic mystery. I feel I have contacted every Michele in every country on all social networks available with no success. It’s has been a tiring task and a long journey for me. I now believe in my heart I have done all I possibly could and feel that it’s “not meant to be”. My husband and I will be cruising the Indian Ocean in the next 2 weeks and I feel this love filled letter needs to return to the beautiful ocean where it came from. I plan to throw the bottle overboard as close as possible to the Mauritian and Seychelles islands. Hopefully it will find a strong current and lead it to a beautiful place along with all the other lost hearts. I want to thank those who had great interest in my search and best wishes for the future. Love to all the Michele’s, Loraine!