Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ruminations the Day After Valentine's Day

As I sit at my work desk (yes, I am at work, right now) munching on Valentine's Day candy, I wonder who decided to call the small packages of candy "Fun Size". There is nothing fun about them. I spend more time then I should opening tiny packages. Is it really worth it? Now a 44 oz bag of candy THAT is fun sized.
*post publishing edit... after posting this my friend (the Beardocrat) informed me that Brian Regan feels the same way and has said so. Now I know my Mormon friends will have a literal fit when I say I do not find Brian Regan funny... But I do not find him funny. I am more of a Dimitri Martin, Jim Gaffigan kind of girl. Despite Mr. Regan's position on this issue, I am not changing my mind.


Anne B. said...

I am in total agreement. The only bag of M&Ms we buy around here is 56 oz. Anything short of that is just not worth it (unless, of course, 56 oz is just unavailable.).

Tracy said...

ha ha ha... its so true! Give me a big bag of candy! THAT is fun!

smithfieldman said...

Am I not Mormon enough to really know who Brian Regan is? Dmitri Martin came to campus here, but alas I did not go.
Also, I like candy in any size, but more is always better.

StamKeve said...

Just watched Jim Gaffigan last night. Hilarious! Did you ever think that maybe the creators of the "fun size" may have thought it would be "fun" to see others, such as yourself struggle to open the package just for a few pieces of candy. Sounds fun to me!