Monday, May 2, 2011

Lava Cookie

Apparently people put their favorite recipes on their blogs. I am not going to start doing that because, frankly, cooking is not a large part of my life. I enjoy food and like to cook what I cook, but it isn't MY thing, you know. I do; however, feel it is my duty to turn you on to the deliciousness that is the Lava Cookie. I am not sure if that is its actual name, but I am calling it the lava cookie.
The Beardocrat's cousin shared a variation of this one evening, and so yesterday we gave it a shot.

Original version
Take one small ramekin and fill the bottom w/ cookie dough. Cook until it is a little doughy in the middle (or all the way through if you have a fear of salmonella). Let chill and fill rest of ramekin w/ your favorite ice cream.

Our Version
One small ramekin filled 3/4 full w/ cookie dough. Cooked on 375 for 15 minutes. Take out of oven and eat warm sans ice cream or anything.

The way we did it was SO wonderful. The sides bottom and top were cooked to perfection, but when you dipped in....mmm gooey, lava-esque center. It was BEYOND wonderful.

You are welcome.