Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scary Movies

Fearfest '08 has been a bit of a bust, I will admit. None of my suggested movies made the playlist and I slept through a majority of the other movies we watched, while missing a few entirely. That French movie...it involved a creepy mask and someone who lurks eerily in the shadows, which I can appreciate, but as a whole it was more of a comedy. Casey and I recently (read a few minutes ago via IM) had this conversation about scary movies:

Casey L: Joni says we should watch a scary movie, but we definitely differ on what we consider scarey.
Michele S: Anything starring Paris Hilton would freak me out.
Casey L: Ah yes, indeed. Much scarier than The Grudge or something, (I consider Grudge to be a comedy. How can croaking blue chinese people NOT be funny?)
Michele S: SO!!! FUNNY!!! agreed. The most scary movies to me are disturbing movies without a point... a la
There Will be Blood.
Michele S: Or that dancing movie with Vanessa Williams.
Michele S: Or movies that attempt to be really profound.
Casey L: oh that was flat out boring, at least what I saw of it (the vanessa williams movie). Joni likes the paranormal type movies (such as Grudge) and the slasher movies. I think they are absolutely ridiculous and silly. I did see Saw once a long time ago, and that was flat out disturbing, though not scary. For me I can only think of two movies where I was actually scared. ET and Fire in the Sky.
Michele S: Ah! Fire in the Sky was WONDERFUL. Have you seen The Thing?
Casey L: I haven't.
Michele S: I liked it, but it might be too 70s for you.
Casey Lance: I enjoy a good 70's movie. wait, does the thing live in a swamp???
Michele S: No Antarctica
Casey L: okay, maybe not.
Michele S: It might actually be an early Stephen King, but it is legitimately good. It has a slow buildup some character development. The special effects will clearly be cheesy...but it is interesting.
Casey L: Well we know that I don't cheesy special effects. . .
Michele D. Sweat: ah yes, you do love Star Trek.
Casey L: Although I have a sinking feeling that that might change with the new movie.
Michele S: when does that come out again?
Casey L: May 9th, I believe. I had been quite excited but then I read the article on Entertainment Weekly's website. . . And I saw pictures. . .
Michele S: and?
Casey L: The enterprise bridge looks like a hair salon.
Michele S: hahahahahahahahahah!
Casey L: And the whole article kept mentioning that they were making star trek cool again, basically that they are shooting for 18-25 year old men that like superhero movies. . . And that it isn't about pleasing the fans. Which makes me think we are getting a dumbed down movie set in a hair a salon.
Michele s: Well, Star Trek was only cool to nerdy people...do YOU think it had a universal appeal?
Casey L: Well, in 1990 The next generation was one of the top ten shows. I wouldn't say it had universal appeal, but it certainly was quite popular around that time. And who hasn't seen the whale movie????
Casey L: http://trekmovie.com/2008/10/15/more-star-trek-images-enterprise-crew-nero/
Casey L: Here is the salon picture. You can't see the receptionist in that picture, try this: http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/10/15/exclusive-new-star-trek-movie-photo-with-kirk-spock-sulu-and-the-uss-enterprise-bridge/
Casey L: The lady in the back looks like she is either at a hair salon or a restaurant. Getting ready to call up whomever is next. Not to mention the whole thing looks like an Apple Store.
Michele S: Looks like a place I would hang out...if I wanted to sip appletinis and talk about my rapidly dropping 401k... as I want to do neither of those things, the whole thing has very little appeal.
Casey Lance: And discuss why you love Barack Obama.

And so we come back to the politics as we always do...much more frightening than any movie...