Thursday, September 24, 2009


There is this elevator at work that is my enemy. I call him Number 3. There are three elevators, none of them are numbered, but this one is all alone on one wall while the others are close together--they are Juanita and Sally. I have once been trapped in Number 3 for over 4 minutes. No one called the fire department and there was no way to alert anyone... eventually it just started moving as though nothing was wrong. Number 3 is highly unreliable. You get in and the doors remain open and never close. You can push the close door button but that doesn't seem to work. I have perfected the trick of hopping once you get inside. For some reason if you hop, then the doors will close. I think this is just a power struggle game that Number 3 is playing with me and by our history I judge number 3 is winning. He just sits there while I hop around and look like an idiot to all the other passengers. Recently the facilities maintenance people said that the elevators were going to be renovated. I was thrilled. For two whole days Number 3 was out of commission. I got to work the other morning and entered this newly renovated elevator. Verdict: All they did was change the carpet! Number 3 is as ridiculous as ever. Just one more reason to take the stairs.