Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nautical Victorian Bath II

The devil is in the details now. Nautical Victorian. I am not exactly sure where I came up with the idea, but I liked the idea of a striped shower curtain, and as I said, I didn't want to repaint baseboards which had already been painted dark. I had the idea for how I wanted things to look, but it took a while to get all the elements together. By far and away, the most difficult was...

I wanted a wooden black/brown toilet seat. The one I REALLY wanted I saw at Ikea, but sadly, they stopped making them. It was perfect and inexpensive. I wanted something with an actual wooden texture, but the models at all the hardware stores and home improvement stores were too glossy and cost WAY too much. I found one that I thought would work, but it was a hundred and forty dollars. Who wants to spend that much money on a toilet seat? Not I, finally after HOURS on google I hit kmart.com. They had a cheap version that wasn't perfect (it had crome hardware and the other hardware is brushed nickel), but I liked it well enough and it only cost twenty dollars, so it works.

These gems were nice additions and fit well with the victorian theme. I like the color, and the ornateness. Once again, you'll notice that not all the hardware is matchy, matchy. In modern baths I like clean lines and matching, but in this, I wanted it to look like a bathroom that could have existed when manufacturing was not as wide spread and a bathroom would have had hand crafted details.

I wish you could see the color of this shower curtain, it is truly nice. It is kind of a bright navy. I am currently still searching for some kind of bath mat/rug that matches well enough to use in this room. I haven't found one that fits the style or color I am looking for so I am holding out.

This is the original light fixture. Before it was a gross copper color. Yes, I realize it is a bit art deco but the sconces are pretty and look like they belong in the victorian era. I spray painted this. ME. SPRAY PAINT. Yes, I'm a bit ashamed. And while we are at it, lets discuss the paint on the walls. I did that. Yep. I inhaled fumes for a couple days and --fun discovery-- I am a really decent taper. Also, when we went to get paint, the paint man told us about this mix in scent that he could add to the paint. We bought the Clean Linen (one of my favorite smells) mix-in, and it is awesome. 

This was not my original faucet choice, but happily, I like it better than the original choice. The Beardocrat and I installed this one and it was leaky and awful. Then Alan re-did it by himself and now it is wonderful. I removed the old faucet, if that counts for anything.

These wall plates were actually last minute purchases. After the whole room was finished, the cheapo white wall plates really stood out, and they didn't look great. These plates gave a great finishing touch, and *decorating tip, hold your breath* these are an inexpensive way to add interest, color, or personalization to a room. Clearly, one could go overboard, but I think with the victorian theme they weren't too much. The swirly pattern also compliments the light fixture and some of the accents.

This hand towel rack is the only original hardware I kept leftover from the old bathroom. I liked it, it works, and I didn't have to paint it. We can talk a bit about other leftover pieces. The shower curtain rod, inner shower curtain, and shower curtain rings are things left over from other bathrooms. Brushed Nickel, always my favorite. 

These are two of the three pictures on the wall. I couldn't get a great photo of the compass art, so these examples will suffice. I worried about being too literal with the art, as the shower curtain was very nautical. Happily I felt the whimsical nature of the Sea Meets Sky was nice, and embraced the theme without going into literal land like the hook. Also, the Adirondack shelf pictured in the other post is meant to be more of an art piece as the towels aren't meant to be used. Just for show.  We can talk about the mirror at this point as well (picture on other post). The Beardocrat removed the old mirror, and it was no small effort. That is one of the reasons we decided to paint. 

Overall, this was a fun project. I like the effect. Once again, not perfect, but I feel like this whole designing thing is getting easier. I am making rules, and following them, and the results are pleasant. Maybe I am saying this because I only have one more bathroom to go, and I've already done a majority of the planning on that one, so it requires a few trips to the hardware store and some Beardocrat labor and it will be good to go. After the third bathroom, I will be moving on to the Master Bedroom, and then David's bedroom, which will be David and Adele's bedroom by the end of the summer. I promise no jungle or nautical themes for either.

Nautical Victorian Bath I



What I was going for: Nautical Victorian Bath
What I achieved: Awesome Nautical Victoria Bath!

The Beardocrat and I refer to this bathroom as the mezzanine bath. It is the guest bath on the main floor. We used to give the kiddos baths in here, but that was destroying the bathroom. Seriously. Our kids are animals. We also have a complete guest bath downstairs, so we never encourage bathing in this room. Overall I am pleased with the way this turned out. Sure, there are some things I would change, but these will be in part II, stay tuned.

I chose the color palette of black, dark brown, navy, antique blue, blush, and cream. Who says seven colors are too many? Not I. Especially when the dark brown/black color is so similar. I chose this palette deliberately because when we first started this project the walls were a gross gray color and I had no intention of repainting. I am lazy like that. The baseboards and vanity were also darkbrown/black. In addition, we can discuss the tile color, which I've never liked, but am not about to rip out. Midway through the project I decided that painting wasn't such a big deal, so off to the hardware store we went but I'd already committed to the colors by that point.

Special thanks goes out to:
Lowes: Paint, scent stuff to put in paint, spray paint, various screws/wall anchors, and plumber's tape.
Amazon.com: Adirondak shelf, outlet /light switch covers, toilet paper dispenser, toilet bowl flusher, and the Terry Fan 'Ocean Meets Sky' wood plate. Amazon is great, though it is hard to judge color from some of the pictures, so be wary.
Target: Soap dispenser, antique blue towels, cream towels, trash can, kleenex box, and soap/knick knack dish.
JC Penny: Blush towels. Can I tell you, it was an EPIC search to find the right shade of blush. Who knew that very few companies make the right color. In fact, the towels were called Pearl Rose I believe. Either way, it took a long time, and JC Penny finally had it.
Kmart.com: Toilet Seat. Also, I will let you know in the next installment JUST how long I searched.
Ikea: Mirror
Homedepot.com: Faucet
Countrycurtains.com: Shower curtain
Etsy: Anchor and Compass wall art.
Alan Wilson: For fixing the faucet, helping paint, hanging everything on the walls, and generally letting me boss him around when this wasn't his idea of fun.
Mike Krimme: For lending ladders and tools, as always.