Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will Yulissen

So I got an interesting email yesterday from Will, according to the subject line, we are long lost friends. I was intrigued, because I know all of my long lost friends (most of them lost for very specific reasons) and there isn't a Will Yulissen in the bunch.

I am about to post the whole subject of said email, but a little back ground is in order. I work for the State Government. Recently our division has undergone some pretty (how can one say ill advised politely?) interesting changes. The current head of the division has zero experience in actually working for State Government and comes from a lobbyist back ground. Do not get me started on lobbyists, that is another story for another time... her two right hand men also have little experience in the public service realm. At any rate, on our secure intranet, we used to have a comment box where people could anonymously vent their frustrations. I wasn't a regular reader because I have other things to do at work... (Blog, perchance?) but my friend often would tell me to go check out something in the box. The comments were mostly ridiculous, but every now and then there was some gem that brightened my day. Several months ago the comment box suddenly disappeared with a very special note from upper management that said it was too negative. Ah... I laughed. I will now enclose the email from Will.

We are a group of workers that have come together under a common goal. For many years we have enjoyed our jobs. Some of us have been here long enough to remember paper and some of us have recently arrived. We are very aware of the suffering economy and the challenges it creates and we whole-heartedly applaud management’s gallant effort to navigate our department through treacherous waters of change. Indeed, we are grateful for our jobs and the comforts and stability they provide.
However, it has come to our attention that some workers are not happy. In fact, we have heard that many workers have experienced worry, stress, and illness. For a select few, the stressful environment has been life altering. Why does it seem that some members of management are having difficulty comprehending how miserable we have become? The words “disconnected”, “apathetic”, and “disingenuous” begin to take on new meaning as we try and fathom how dreadful our world has become.
We encourage you to join us in our new effort. Take a moment and anonymously post your concerns on
www.dwscommentbox.blogspot.com. We are tired of being afraid to speak out and honestly express ourselves. We are cognizant of the disapproval and maltreatment that comes when authentic concerns are shared. In addition, we are prepared if management decides to block this site because they do not wish to read “pessimism”. Feel free to email us at dwscommentbox@gmail.com and post comments from home if the site becomes restricted.
We genuinely appreciate each of you. We hope that our jobs become manageable soon and promise to do whatever it takes to bring the needed relief. Let us know if you have any questions.
Will Yulissen

Sure enough, I checked and the State had blocked all blog sites! Then later in the day blogs were available again, but not the illusive DWS COMMMENT BOX. Sadly I haven't been able to see "Will's" creation, but I can not wait!


T-Ray said...

ha ha. How funny. Oh the little joys that we find while we are at work.
I also blog at work... obviously.

smithfieldman said...

If only I was working for the mafia, i mean the state of Utah.

Carolina said...

Sounds like a proletariat uprising.