Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girls' Night Out

Pre marriage I never really understood the point. I lived with girls from the second I left the Latin Fury's nest ( the Latin Fury and I are conspicuously the only females in my immediate family). We had night ins all the time. Why would I need to go out with them, too? Girls' Nights Outs* were the kind of thing that girls who were obsessed with their boyfriends and spent every waking minute with them needed to do when their boyfriends a) went out of town or b) were infected with The March Madness. At least that is what I thought.

But I would like to pose a question: Have YOU ever tried watching a theatrical musical performance with a Bearded Man whose interest in musicals is limited and best (and hostile at worst???)? Let me assure you, sometimes the Girls are needed to fully appreciate the joy that is FOTR.

* the punctuation choice clearly shows that there are multiple girls and the night belongs to them


smithfieldman said...

Ah, the Fiddler and not the fellowship. Maybe the March Madness has infected my brain.

T-Ray said...

Yes! Girls nights are needed! And I am glad we have them. I also love that you linked my blog. ha ha.
Good times and .... TRADITION!!!

Anne B. said...

Agreed in all aspects. Also, wait till you have kids and spend all day talking to children (and, of course, at their level). Then when hubby gets home and you're ready to say something that's a little above, "Yes, that tractor IS green," he's ready to shut down--especially if I want to discuss anything remotely "unmanly". Girls NEED girls.

Alan said...

The ironic thing here: I like Fiddler on the Roof. In fact it's the only musical I've seen (and enjoyed) more than once before I married Politic Chick.

Not that I mind the occasional Girl's Night Out. I had a chance to catch up on LOST and spend a little quality time geeking out with my CPU.

-Bearded Man

Karen E. said...

The only nights out that I have are girls' nights. Unless you count a lunch date I went on last year. Hmph.

Nicole said...

There is a certain husband that also took an opportunity to catch up on Lost and play basketball while enjoying the freedom of not having to sit through a two and a half hour musical. And might I add that even though he claims to hate musicals, he ends up actaully enjoying them when his wife drags him to see them.

stewedslacker said...

I watch musicals with you. I enjoy them. Am I not dudely enough for you? What are you implying here? Jerk.

P.S. Your roommates had precious little boyfriend distraction, nor you, so where was the need for the GNO?

If this seems hostile, it's 2:30 AM in Chile and the house I am staying in the satanic club section of town and it is LOUD.