Monday, March 29, 2010

Why I am Done with the Festival of Colors

What is the Festival of Colors, you ask? It is apparently a religious ceremony of my Krishna friends. I've gone for a couple years now, but this year I decided that I am breaking up with the Festival for good. Why, you ask? Well, here we go.

1) this is a religious ceremony, attended by about 98 % college students who are there to get rowdy and throw colored corn starch on one another. Inevitably, every year I attended, some ridiculous (dare I say, UVU student) kid would be disrespectful and start throwing color well before the appropriate time in the ceremony.

2) the weather is usually not the warmest which means that you kind of freeze.

3) each and every BYU/UVU student comes and each brings a car. Hence parking is a total joke. I discovered early on that the freeway was no way to go, and would arrive via hwy 6... but you still have to park miles out and march in.

4) I am no longer 25. I find that since I've seen the spectacle a few times, it is basically the same thing every year.

So, goodbye, Holi Festival. It was real. I still support you. I still think people should attend to see what it is about and learn a bit if they can, but I just won't be there.


T-Ray said...

I still love going every year, however, I agree with you that some people are disrespectful. I also learned that they invite us because they are all about friendship and love... therefore they want other people to join if they want and not just their religion. (I always wondered).
And funny you mention the parking too... people do park miles away and walk there, most people don't know that you can actually park right at the temple for free. No walking and it takes the same amount of time to get out. Not sure why that has not caught on. My Festival of Colors post is coming up. Don't judge me that I am 27 and still attending. ;o)

stewedslacker said...

Colors. hmmm... I would go with my nice camera to take cool pictures, but that's about it.

smithfieldman said...

Maybe you could start your own Festival of Colors at the Epic Fruitland Easter Egg Hunt.

Alan said...

Smithfield's got a good idea. Let's do it!

Kristi said...

What about the Llama fest? I loved that!