Thursday, June 25, 2009

A List: The Good Stuff

Occasionally at CPR I like to post a list about things that make life good. You can see some old favorites here and here, and oh wait, here. (PS--Thank you, Beardocrat for the technology)

So today, as I sit 'working' I thought it was time for another list of the good stuff:

1- goatlings
2- soft pajama bottoms
3- the smell of a field after a good rain
4- home made granola
5- lazy mornings
6- a good canyon run
7- curling up with a new book, and discovering a good buy
8- gchat
9- four day weekends
10- teasing anyone
11- dancing frogs
12- not answering the phone
13- ground pads
14- fabric dryer sheet scent
15-long summer days
16- 'Songs in the Night' Samantha Crain and The Midnight Shivers
17- wikipedia
18- colors
19- driving with windows down
20- thunder storms
21- purified water
22- holidays
23- matching plates
24- the slide guitar

There are more things, of course, but time runs short.


stewedslacker said...

I like things too. But I am too lazy to blog them right now.

Alan said...

Don't for get those wonderful Monday holidays!

The Rage said...

What about BFFs? At least I made it into links list before the BBC but unfortunately after the original cynic picnic blog. I see where I stand - let's see what kind of couch I can convince you to get :)

smithfieldman said...

That's a lot of good stuff.