Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things I Love

My little brother
Being wrong about something
Having the power
Homemade lotion--key Vodka.
Taking some time off
This winter
Reading good books
Friends who make genuinely good decisions and are progressing in their lives--I am not even jealous.
Free cheesecake...that is right. Free cheesecake.
Canada '08

Sorry, I know the list is quite short, but I have no time and when one is happy what does one do? Share one's happiness.


stewedslacker said...

Thanks. You must want me to do something. But oh well, I am pretty easy to flatter. In any event, cheek stuck me with all of the paying and then tricked me into going to Target to buy him a Mr. Pibb. Proving once again that I am but a learner, and he, well, he is the MASTER.

smithfieldman said...

Oh it seems like you enjoy the small things of life. And yes that was a reference to you Stewedslacker. B-zing.

politicchic6 said...

Ahh, I should have put you on that list Smithfieldman. I knew it was lacking.

The Rage said...

Lacking? Lacking the best thing ever... Me. That's right, I'm that good.

Darbleyg said...

Friends who are progressing? Who are these "friends"? Do I know them? Are they Brad approved?

UtahUtes15 said...

Your balding litte bro is a punk, this is something you and i can agree on.

stewedslacker said...

Update this blog with a juicy tale from your spectacular love life why don't you?

Joe said...

Wait, you love being wrong? I guess you should have put that you love lying too!