Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let the Haters Hate

This is a TRUE moment. Ladybug being feisty!

You know what I hate, and everyone else (and I truly mean almost every other female person in the world) loves? Newborn baby photo shoots. Seriously.  Though I love my friends and family dearly (but some more dearly than others, lets be honest here, shall we) whenever I head to their blogs or see their facebook feeds full of newborn baby pictures... I roll my eyes. Then I die a little. I am not suggesting no photos should ever be taken of recently born children. On my laptop you will find SCORES of photos of both Ladybug and Squirmy when they were in that ugly raisin like state that we call newborn. It is the NEWBORN PHOTO SHOOT that I so despise.

When have you ever seen a baby hanging out naked except for a ridiculously large floweresque headband? When do you hang out making hearts around your baby's feet with your partner's hands?
When does a newborn throw on some weird knit pod situation to lie in?
And when, please tell me when, do newborns don silly hats (also knit a majority of the time)?
When (minus Moses) do newborns hang out in baskets???
Then please, please remember that half of these photos will be in super dramatic black and white. UGH. My eyes are rolling so much just thinking about it that my head hurts.

Never. Never do newborn baby photo shoots reflect reality. And isn't that what a good picture is? A reflection of reality that can spark an awesome memory? Not the memory of how the baby wouldn't 'sleep right' or you spent so much time trying to prop the poor thing up on its hands, or the many, MANY, costume changes, but the memory of your child discovering his/her tiny fingers. The natural sleeping in pjs in a crib. The light in the child's eyes when it recognizes a sibling. Yep, feel free to disagree (I am sure most of you do) but I stand for the minority who don't like to play dress up with my newborns because they are babies, not dolls.


Sandra said...

The only time I had a newborn photographed was my fourth and it was a favor to a friend who was a photographer. She had an idea she wanted to try. One of the photos she thought would be adorable was to have the baby naked and have Kevin holding his bare bottom in his hands.(I'm sure to show the size) I'm sure some think it's cute but our first thoughts were... (Why would you hold a naked baby, they could pee or poop all over you) Kevin was worried that he would become a human diaper the whole time.

Sandra said...

Oh by the way she is adorable even if she is screaming!

Holly said...

Haha, we totally did this, and will probably keep doing it. I agree that they are a little silly. We have one of Jameson in a knit sack thing, in a wooden bowl.

I am such a terrible photographer, I take any help I can get.

PS. I think you loathe the baby photo shoot the way I loathe the "rustic" bridal shoots. Why would you stand in your wedding dress in front of a broken down factory? On a rusty tractor? I never understood.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I agree! I have never had newborn photos taken of my kids until Piper was born. Two friends asked if they could take pictures and I agreed because it was free of charge and they insisted on it. And they did take some pretty cute pictures but honestly, one of the sessions was a nightmare. The lady kept pulling Piper's foot and it made her (Piper) so angry. She would just fall asleep and the lady would yank her foot for the perfect picture, waking Piper up. She was like, "Why isn't she sleeping? Newborns always sleep?" I had to bite my tongue. First of all, MY newborns don't sleep and second of all how could you sleep when every time you fall asleep someone yanks your foot? All for a stupid picture that didn't really work out well anyway. I just don't think the money is worth it.

stewedslacker said...

I heartily agree. Any yet, I must point out, that Adele did not fasten that green bow to her own head and then slap the picture up on the interweb... just saying.