Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boys v Girls

I was people watching on my way to work today (hey, it happens) and spotted three boys about nine years old heading to school. The Beardocrat and I happen to live sandwiched in between two elementary schools, and a jr high/highschool so any which way I drive to work I am running into (not literally. Safety first people) kids. Anyway, this group of kids was having a spitting contest across the train tracks. I had to smile. I remember walking home from the bus stop with my older brother as he taught me how to 'gleek'. I still can't do it.

Compare that little vignette to when the Beardocrat and I had the misfortune of floating down a river with a gaggle of 10-12 yr old girls. There was a lot of unnecessary screaming, and over dramatizing and trying to get the attention of the 14 yr old boy in the group.

That being said, I am sure there are dramatic boys (hello, stewedslacker) and girls who aren't insane by the age of eleven. I just like to see boys being boys on their way to school.


The Rage said...

Your child = super dramatic. I can't wait to teach him the fine art of tantrum throwing.

smithfieldman said...

Yes, boys are so much better than girls.

Anne B. said...

Every girl needs a boy to teach her the art of spitting (although I, like you, could never quite get the gleek down) just like every boy needs a girl in the house to say, "That does NOT match!"

stewedslacker said...

Dramatic eh?