Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nicknaming Things/People

Yes, I must confess that I love to nickname people, places, and things. Nouns if you will. I was probably born with this particular quirk of character and have been nicknaming since I was a wee one. I've had my own share of nicknames through the years and hope to have more as time passes on. Here is a current list of some of my favorite nicknames.

Potato Face- this nickname serves a) the particular phenomenon of a type of round shaped face. I find it hard to describe but I know it when I see it. It is actually complementary as I also really like potatoes; b) a smallish nursery age child who lives across the street from us and dressed as a vampire for Halloween.

Skindependent- This is a play of the nickname Beardocrat given to my very own Beardocrat to honor his facial hair and political affiliation at the time. Well, he shaved, and became an Independent, so I had to update Brad's ingenious nickname.

Audrby- This is my sister-in-law whose name I didn't know for a long time. I couldn't tell if it was Aubry or Audry, so I combined them... and Wa-la!

Skinny McSkinnerson- This was my nephew's nickname for a while. His brother is Chunky McChunkerson. The joy is, there are no ends to this nickame.

Two face- This is the phenomena that certain actors and regular people of being attractive when looked at from one particular perspective, but from a different angle look fairly ordinary. Examples of the two face are Antonio Banderas, that guy who plays Jack on Lost, and most of the actors the tweens are fawning over these days.

Scandrew/Fandy- This nickname is about a friend ALSO nicknamed Freakishly Tall. Fandy is a shortened Fat Andy, and Scandrew is Skinny Andrew. Fandy was an accident, as this person is not fat and he only goes by Andy when in Smithfield and Fruitland.

The Latin Fury- Technically stewedslacker thought this one up, but it sticks. That name goes out to my own dear madre.

I have a whole list of work nicknames, church nicknames, and friend nicknames. But those are for another place and another time.


smithfieldman said...

I'm getting a theme for your nicknames here; highlighting people's physical features.

stewedslacker said...

I was about to say about that Latin Fury comment. I sped red the whole thing so that I could tell there world it was I, not you, but you didn´t plagerize this one like the owl book, so I suppose you´re off the hook. By the way, no mention of Pooki or Pika? That´s sad. And what of the Rage?

Carolina said...

Do I have a nickname? I deserve one.

Darbleyg said...

Now I'm scared to ask what my nickname is.

Ashleigh said...

You are a riot! I, too, nickname things too...I am well known among my "mom" friends for giving nicknames to human body parts...most notably to our "private parts." Two of my favorites are for breasts which I refer to as "cha-cha na-nas," and the female private area, which I refer to as "rooty tooty fresh and fruity." I loathe the proper names for them...Love your voice...I'm totally looking forward to becoming a follower of your blog!