Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Good Mix

Continuing my happy-go-lucky theme for February of things I love... good music is right up there on that list, particularly a good mix. You see very lovely artwork for a February 08 mix Bitter/Sweet compiled by the Beardocrat and yours truly (in a limited capacity as the Beardocrat admitted that he was unwilling to pay my hefty consultation fee). Bitter/Sweet represents all that is great in art and Music. The Beardocrat designed the cover work and selected the songs and I still listen to that mix on a regular basis. Happily, you can download the two disk compilation!


smithfieldman said...

I still listen to the mix on a regular basis as well. It was just in my CD player in Max until I exchanged it for the Dandy Warhols

T-Ray said...

Say what? I love new music! Thanks for the free download. Can't wait.

Anne B. said...

I love it! Thanks!