Friday, November 20, 2009

Billboards: The Commercials of Utah's Highways

I live with someone who has two business cards. One says Art Director, and his latest says Creative Director (can we say a little pretentious??? You direct CREATION... What?). Yes, he hasn't switched jobs, and it is for the same company. I shake my head and don't ask questions. That was pretty much the philosophy with which I approached advanced math [(s) if you're British]. Long story continuing to be long... he is what people would consider 'good at art'. For this reason I believe he HATES billboards. And when I say HATES in all caps, I mean he REALLY HATES billboards. He mentions it often, and recently has been talking about city/county ordinances against billboards. Those of you who know me (Hi Latin Fury) often accuse me of disliking things strongly for no good reason, and maybe I do... but the Beardocrat's hatred of billboards still slightly mystifies me.

Innocently I pointed out the billboard for Sundance's Night Skiing in order to demonstrate that not all billboards were crimes against art and humanity. Said billboard features two adorable owls. Oh, look. there they are. Adorable, right? I mean, one hates to gush but I really like me some owls. The Beardocrat would not yield, he said that billboards are the commercials of Utah's highways. And no matter if a commercial is well done or no, it is still a commercial. Well, I hate commercials. So 1 point to directors of art and creation everywhere.


smithfieldman said...

I for one do not mind billboards. They often were the only thing to look at while driving in Wyoming, playing the alphabet game, looking for a quick place to eat.
There are no billboards in K-can.
But I can see a dislike of billboards I mean advertisers get us everywhere nowadays. What I find ridiculous is human billboards.

T-Ray said...

I would be fine without them. He would love my home town. No Billboards in Santa Barbara... it is pretty awesome.

Dan and LaVon said...

Have you been spared this long his rants against billboards?...if so he has been kind to you..maybe you will have to start ranking possible places for future employment by the presence or lack of billboards...1 point to Colorado (most of the state) no billboards. YEA I am with Alan on this, I don't like them either.

Anne B. said...

when we moved to NC, we thought, "but how will we know where a motel/hotel, gas station, etc. is?" Turns out there are Exit Signs that have all that info on them. Who knew?

The Rage said...

I like the owls and sometimes billboards are funny. I especially like the ones with real boats that look like they are busting through them. I hate the one that was an obituary - you know what I'm talking about. Overall? I'm don't mind them.

Jill said...

Everything I hate is baseless, so I am a bad source. For some reason hating stuff is an adreneline rush

Nathan said...

Is it bad that I don't even notice them?

He would definitely hate my views on airlines then.

I would be happy to have ads plastered all over the overhead bins, the tray tables, the shell of the plane, etc. if it meant cheaper flights. Let some advertising dollars take some of the sting out of that bill, especially since my kid just turned 2 years old and she has to have her own seat.