Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Object of My Affection

The following are emails exchanged yesterday between a certain Smithfieldman and politicchic6
Right now I am listening to one of my other favorite Andrews... Andrew Bird. His soothing voice and ability to whistle have stolen my heart. Plus he is lanky and has dark hair... I am pretty sure that we are getting married (the only slight problem being that he MIGHT already be married. I am SO glad I am Mormon...) His new album is on early release at and it is AMAZING. I am really looking forward to purchasing it.

How ironic that you mention Andrew Bird. I just read a piece about him on The New York Times Web site. A quote that made me think of you was: “When Andrew plays,” she said, “we can squeeze in a lot more (in the venue) because so many of them are skinny girls with glasses.” I will have to check out his new album on NPR. I've watched a couple YouTube videos of his as sometimes I search "Andrew" just to see what others with my namesake are doing.
The article I read also did mention that he had recently ended his relationship, with who I don't know. So I wish you well. Here's the link to the article:
So there you have it. In some future date I will be blogging as Mrs. Andrew Bird (Dr. and Mrs?). He is coming to Murry the 25th of February and if anyone is interested in forwarding the cause of true love, you should purchase a ticket and come along.


smithfieldman said...

And I did check out his album and love it! It's wonderful and I wholeheartedly support your efforts in becoming Mrs. Bird.

The Rage said...

I'll start holding my breath now as i wait for your wedding announcement. I'll go though... I like him - let me know when it is!

stewedslacker said...

Why do you even blog this stuff? Is your life really that lame? All of your posts have people who aren't you writing good portions. I am disappointed.

politicchic6 said...

Good thing Malu's dress is being shipped to my place so I can try it on and make any alterations... Anyway the concert is the 25th of February and I already got tickets for Andrew and myself as he swore via email that he was 100% in. Get them soon, and let me know.

politicchic6 said...
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The Rage said...

Update this POS! I know you can do it and I think you can make it interesting... I have that much faith in you.