Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Bill Wrigley Update

So, it may come as no surprise, Nursing Home Quarterly Meetings have evolved into events where I get to observe the magnificence that is Bill Wrigley. This is what I learned during NHQ this morning (well worth the drive...):

Bill is RETIRING this January. That is right. I will no longer have any reason to go to NHQ. Well, technically I will still have reason to go, as it is my job (although, without Bill... is there any reason to stay?), but I will have nothing to do during NHQ.

Bill always wears the hat. For a while I thought that it was a summer thing. No. The hat accompanies him everywhere.

Bill has an iPhone. So the man who couldn't figure out how to print out a case barcoded form from Content Manager suddenly knows how to work the iPhone... interesting.

Bill thinks I am funny. Truly. I was taking note. I only made two comments during the meeting. Both of these were slightly sarcastic, and Bill let out a genuine (albeit reluctant) laugh at each. He didn't crack a smile for the rest of the meeting. Although I do not know why because pre-paid funeral plans, and VA pension benefit breakdowns are generally thought to be very merry subjects.

So I am now looking for a new Bill Wrigley to fill the void. His replacement was at NHQ and showed a certain promise when he refused to shake my hand because I have a cold... we'll see.


Joe said...

Wait, Wait, Wait! He did NOT crack up over VA pensions?! Is this guy a robot or something? Does he lack the RAM enough to show emotions?

smithfieldman said...

I think Mr. Wrigley is just double the fun and that is why you are going to miss him.

The Rage said...

Hmm, you could just chew gum all the time at the meeting as an hommage to Mr. Wrigley!

stewedslacker said...

Mr Wrigly... sounds like one of those strange kids books characters. Like Mr. Round, or Mr. Wiggley. Maybe the new NHQ didn't want' to touch you because he is afraid of catching ugly. HA!. What, do you have an alabli? No?,no alabi? U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alabi! you ugly!