Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have been meaning to blog about Cleve for ages. Cleve calls me kiddo. Occasionally Cleve brings me chips and salsa. (Cleve is unaware that I really don't like corn chips. I mean, they're okay, but not exactly my thing) Recently Cleve sent me this email:

Hey thanks kiddo.. got it and its all taken care of.. have a great weekend..

I hope you noted the farewell. Yes, I believe that is a kissy noise, folks. If Cleve wasn't old enough to be my father and 'living with someone', I might be concerned. As it is, the whole situation walks that delicate tightrope between creepy and endearing.

What truly fascinates me about Cleve is his office superhero power (mine is to curl the phone chord and my nametag into tangled mess in an instant, but more about that some other time). Cleve breaks any printer he touches. I do not exaggerate when I say that he has broken our printer at least twelve separate times since we have moved to this office. He has taken to coming in early in the morning and hoping no one catches him at it, but if our printer is acting up during the day we all know who the culprit is.


Casey said...

Are you sure he wasn't trying to be cutesy and say "me" in French??

I like the kissy sound better though. I think we should assume that is what he meant.

Casey said...

I thought I would follow your trend of posting our conversations, since I am sure everyone would like to know my Cleve story:
Casey(5:49:26 PM): I had an alert on my case once that said "Sent CLEVE the paper"
Casey: So for a week I was trying to figure what notice CLEVE was.
Casey(5:50:00 PM): Finally I asked for help on the case and found out Cleve was a person . . .
Michele(5:50:35 PM): hahahahaha
Casey (5:50:38 PM): No, it didn't say that. I think it was "SENT TO CLEVE"
Casey(5:51:28 PM): The point was whatever it said was ambiguous enough that I didn't realize it was a person. Not to mention I didn't realize anyone could possibly be named Cleve.

smithfieldman said...

I am thinking that Cleve only manifests himself when M.is in the office and after she broke the printer. Just saying. Its always easy to blame somebody named Cleve.

stewedslacker said...

In this day and age of Cleve, we'll call it Cleve-Age for the sake of brevity. In any case, in this Cleve-Age, there is no place for old live in's that are creepy. Just no place at all.

The Rage said...

I also assumed it was Moi - as in "me" in French. But the kissing thing made me laugh right out loud. That is just so ... sweet.