Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Political Platform

Previously I promised a book review about a couple cat mysteries that I recently read. I know. I don't want to talk about it. Well, the book review will have to wait. I have been asked my thoughts on the political situation, and those of you that know me, know that I secretly watched the Oliver North trials on television whilst I was supposed to be napping. So, to put it mildly. I have my opinions on these things. To demonstrate my point I have inserted an IM conversation about the subject.

Casey: As far the as the governor race is concerned, I am not really following it. There is nothing to follow since we know who will win. However, this: http://dellschanze.blogspot.com/ is why people think libertarians are crazy.
Casey: I particularly enjoy this quote: There really isn't a choice for Governor in Utah for those that believe in God. ALL, 100%, every single Christian in Utah will vote for Dell Schanze as governor.
Michele: That guy is NUTS

Casey: It annoys me that he doesn't actually understand libertarianism. He thinks it means he can run around pulling is gun on the streets of Salt Lake. Yet at the same time displays that he understands absolutely nothing about the founding fathers, or anything for that matter.
Michele: The guy is just nuts! I have no idea what else we can say about him. No one like him should have a blog.
Casey: I think "nuts" captures it. The thing is, people will tie his name with the word libertarian, and then make it harder for legitimate libertarians to ever have a chance. not that they have much of one as it is. . .
Michele They don't and I feel a need to affiliate with a party primarily because 'Independent' is just a fancy word for non committal democrat. And I do not want to be a non-committal democrat.
Casey: Maybe you should affiliate with the constitution party.
Michele: Ooohhh, do they have a web site? I need to do a little research.
Casey: yes, they are mildly popular in Utah County. Basically they say "we need to get back to the founding fathers and the constitution" which sounds exciting, until it turns out by that, they mean get back to the bible, because the founding fathers were all devotedly Christian. www.constitutionparty.com (That is funny, I just read the article "Ron Paul endorses Chuck Balwdin" which make it appear that Ron Paul personally endorsed him. But as it turns out he endorsed all third party candidates.)
Michele: I have searched the facts and realized that this party likes the bible too much for me.
Casey: I agree. And this coming from two bible believers. . .
Michele: Ish.. lets not get crazy.

Casey: Well, yes, if you ignore the noah thing . . . How about: http://www.prohibition.org/
Michele: Based solely on their angelfire-esque website I'm going to have to give them a no. What else do you have?
Casey: http://www.theamericanparty.org/ http://americafirstparty.org/
Michele: Oh my! Utahns in the leadership...I can support that.
Casey: I find the conservative third parties much more fun
Michele: At least America First has a platform. That is pretty organized.
Casey: This one even had a convention in Utah: http://www.usiap.org/ Its funny how on the front page the declare all of the God stuff, and then quote our deist friend Thomas Jefferson.Casey Lance: Why not quote him on religion???
Michele: That would get too sketchy. He is inspired about government...clearly, but NOT about religion.
Casey: yeah, but I get tired of hearing everyone say he and the founding fathers were basically Mormon and that everything they did was based on the belief in the Christian god. It simply isn't true.
Michele: You know that, I know that. Do we really need to shatter the faith of those who don't? That is why Fourth of July Sunday drives me nuts sometimes.
Casey: Yes, I do need to shatter their faith.
Michele: Do you think the constitution party would be in favor of something like that? No. It would not.
Casey: No, it would not. And that makes me like the idea more . . .

In reality I have become very cynical about politics and politicians. Do I believe that there are still good people in government? Hmmm.... I believe people have good intentions, but they become part of the machine that is beaurocracy. (hypocrite alert--I realize that I am employed solely because beaurocracy exists) So this year for the election--all but the Presidential, in which I will be voting my concience...neither of the candididates--I am going to vote against the incumbent. See www.simsisms.blogspot.com I say we send a message.


smithfieldman said...

So by your theory, when you become a part of the bureaucracy then you are not to be trusted. So how can I trust what you have just posted?
But hey, I voted against the incumbent in pretty much all the Utah elections I voted in. A lot of good that did.

politicchic6 said...

I think you fail to see the genius...

And to be fair, you were NOT voting against the incumbent so much as voting for the Democrats. It isn't precisely the same thing.

Alan said...

I'm liking the America First party more and more. I like a no nosense platform that I can wrap my mind around: "The central focus of the America First Party is to put America and all Americans First."

Ah, sweet clarity.

stewedslacker said...

I actually checked out that link: That dude... nucking futs. As for your political commentary, what is there to be jovial about. I feel like I am reading the BOM somewhere mid 3rd Nephi ish or mid Mormon ish. It is sad really. See my post on simsims blog to see what we should do.

mrcolj said...

>>I feel like I am reading the BOM somewhere mid 3rd Nephi ish or mid Mormon ish.
That's because if you're on schedule you are reading somewhere mid 3rd Nephi ish. :)
--Colin Jensen, once and future Utahn (but currently living in San Francisco)

The Rage said...

As an Old testament scholar I thought that you be all over that... apparently not. Good luck with that...