Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Playlist Part II

Yes, fans (I am that pretentious) you have been clamouring (and by clamoring one person mentioned that the second half had not been posted). Here it is...

1993/94- Say Something James. This song may have single-handedly begun my obsession with whiny British music.
1994/95- Miss Sarajevo U2. I enjoyed the time in Germany, though I could not get behind Miriam's weird obsession with Take That, I could appreciate a mutual love for U2.
1995/96- Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin. All I can say is, American In Paris...how I love thee. I also wrote my history of theater research paper about the man. My university password was also a shout-out to Gershwin. (g.gershwin/1938) What can I say... I was very concerned about my privacy.
1996/97- Steppin' Stone The Monkeys. A great tribute to a man who made Jason's life a little less pleasant. I used to listen to this and cruise around in the 'Stang feeling rather cool.
1997/98- Clair da Lune Debussy. This was a big year, I graduated and started at BYU. I used to drive around in the rain a lot listening to this. No, I was not weird. Yes, I fancied myself an intellectual.
1998/99- Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire 98 Degrees. My second year living with girls makes me ban Christmas Albums. I HATE boy bands, yet I know the entire 98 Degrees catalogue. Go ahead and quiz me. I will say one thing...without the boy bands, yours truly would never have decided to volunteer for my church for one and a half years.
1999/00- More Than Us Travis. This song pretty much summed up the "big" relationship of my life at that point. I also drove around in the rain listening to this a lot. No, I was not depressed. Yes, I was a little dramatic.
2000/01- Mais Um Na Miltidao Erasmo Carlos and Marisa Monte. Okay, so technically I wasn't "listening" to music at this point in my life...but that doesn't mean I wasn't hearing it. I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this song since it was the theme to a Brazilian Novella. Sadly, I have yet to acquire a copy.
2001/02- Solitude Tony Bennett. Coming home was odd. A lot had changed, and I was not ready to re-enter the scene entirely. I once wrote a short story based entirely on the lyrics to this classic and listened to it A LOT.
2002/03- A Praise Chorus Jimmy Eat World. Anything that features Mr. Tommy James and the Shondelles is more than okay with me. I STILL love this song.
2003/04- Blower's Daughter Damien Rice. This song + freezing pub in Inverness + Scottish man playing live = that strange sensation that isn't quite love, but close enough.
2004/05- Automatic Stop The Strokes. This song reminds me of all the drama surrounding Yoko. Still thankful for "Dear Johns".
2005/06- D'yer Maker Led Zeppelin. I was all over the place this year. I remember trying to make life decisions and reconciling that P-Town just couldn't release me.
At least I had great tunes to keep me grounded.
2006/07- Sailing Away Travis. I love a good hidden track. And I love Banjos. And I love Travis. How could this song not be one of my 'running down Provo Canyon' standards?
2007/08- Thistledown The Comas. So the year is not yet over. Who knows what I may say at the end? All I know is that I associate this song with the beginning of the year and things that took me off guard in a good way.

There you have it. My life in music.


smithfieldman said...

Ah songs I actually know. You aren't so pretentious after all. I still am wondering though how 98 degrees helped you serve the church?

politicchic6 said...

Let us just say that without despising one of my 98 Degree loving roommates, I would have never learned what I needed to know about prayer.

politicchic6 said...

Well, sounds like an iteresting mix. but just for the record, Dear Johns are only great when they are appropriate.