Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Work "Parties"

On the list of things that I don't like somewhere between fitted sheets and small talk you will find Work Parties. (You will notice that I used quotations in the subject. This is because misused quotation marks are hilarious and on the list of things that Casey does not like.) Above you will see a picture of my work team building retreat. I am the one anxiously studying my sandwich to avoid any awkward moments where our team might retreat to build something. Regular readers of CPR--and those numbers are few as this blog is anything but posted regularly--will note that I DO love a good party. Generally because parties are a place where people with mutual interests such as eating cake and/or gossiping come together to share those mutual interests. Work parties force you to interact with people you generally avoid while at work.
This being said, I TOTALLY enjoyed my work party. I do have masochistic tendencies. Also, a gentleman that we will call Bill Wrigley-- because that is his name, came to spread his particular brand of grumpiness for the first half hour. I will admit to being slightly obsessed with him ever since he shouted across the room at me during a meeting. Then I discovered that he had published a Sci-Fi novel, and what can I say...I seek out opportunities to study my subject at close range. Bill did not disappoint as he made bitter observations about the activity and left at the soonest possible moment. But I did get a chance to engage him in conversation which means I am getting what, I can not say. Perhaps I will discover at our next work party.


Casey said...

Now, if you had titled it "Work 'Party's'" then it would have been "better."

But it sounds like you "enjoyed" your work "party," which is more than I can say for mine.

Oh, and I "enjoy" your good "writing."

smithfieldman said...

Closer to a love triangle? Closer to completing your Dark ARcher series?

I also am not a fan of "misplaced" quotation marks.

The Rage said...

I "love" a good misplaces quotation. Work parties suck - you talk about work. Hm, I must find a subject to study - I want to know about the sci-fi novel. Fellow nerds unite!!!

stewedslacker said...

"I" like it when you blog about stuff that isn't me... Even when you said that you would. Work parties at starvation include getting laid...(Hawian Theme).