Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Playlist Part 1

I recently sent a playlist to a few friends of songs that I was listening to at work. I did this because a) I am sure they were dying to know and b) it was a slow work day. A certain Smithfieldman responded that he had never heard of the bands or the songs mentioned and seemed to elude to the fact that I have music elitist tendencies like unto the founder and CEO of Simsisms. I would like to deny that fact, but I decided--inspired by a certain character from a certain TV show that I am ashamed I have been sucked into--to make a little playlist of my life. These are actual songs, hopefully more well known, that make up the soundtrack to my life at certain times. I will be having a birthday soon (I accept gifts, cashiers checks, all major credit cards, and chocolate) and have tried to make my playlist reflect where I was at certain points in my life.

1979/80- Okay, no song. I don't remember any music. I am sorry.
1980/81- Yesterday The Beatles. This is the first song I can remember hearing and I LOVED it. All the talk of hideaway reminded my 2 year old self of hide-n-seek.
1981/82- Teddy Bear Elvis. I remember listening to my parents sing this on road trips. And yes, I will sing this to my hypothetical children.
1982/83- Give Said the Little Stream as sung by the Fruitland Primary Singers. I had a passionate argument about the lyrics of this gem. Sadly he was right. Is it my fault we only sang the first verse and I had no idea the others existed? I was four, give me a break!
1983/84- Muddly Puddle ? Another road trip classic. If I could find this song now, I would buy it and force my nephews to love it.
1984/85- The House of Four Doors Moody Blues. I listened to this song on vinyl--yeah I was hip--so many times. I enjoy the creaky doors and chains you can hear in the background.
1985/86- Song Sung Blue Neil Diamond. Genius song writing. Hats of Mr. Diamond.
1986/87- La Hora De Rock ? I HATED this song, but it reminds me of our Spanish lessons that The Latin Fury was so intent on.
1987/88- Blonds Have More Fun Rod Stewart. Yes, I am serious. My cousin Sarah and I used to sing this into the mirror with our hairbrushes. This is before I learned that blonds were evil and refused to like any blond characters in fiction.
1988/89- High Enough Damn Yankees. To my fifth grade soul this song had all the pathos and longing that a song should have.
1989/90- Can't Touch This MC Hammer. This song was listed in my sixth grade yearbook as my I think it deserves a shout out.
1990/91- Somewhere in Time Theme. I drove my parents nuts playing this on the piano over and over again. I still remember most of it without sheet music.
1991/92- A Bad Goodbye Clint Black and Wynona Judd. Like all rebellious kids, I went through an eight month country phase that I am not necessarily proud of. But I still like this song, and it goes on every break up mix I am a part of.
1992/93- November Rain Guns-N-Roses. I don't want to talk about it.

All right. Half of my life in music. The other half coming soon. So this is a two disk set.


politicchic6 said...

Stewedslacker. In the future please proofread.

smithfieldman said...

Yes more songs on this list that I recognize. Glad you can come down to my level sometimes.

politicchic6 said...
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stewedslacker said...

wow, I don't know about some of those things. Luckily, the rents decided that they had permanently scarred enough of their children and I have never even HEARD of "teddy bear elvis". Your country phase was sick. And hey, who knows what got you into MC hammer.

(Please note that "country" was previously lacking a critical "O", for which I am sorry.)

The Rage said...

I went through a country phase as well at about the same time - I think that mine lasted about 9 months... You are an elitist! And Buster is making it worse with his elitist music as well. I just need a little Kris Kross and I'm ready to go...