Monday, October 15, 2007


So while at work today I was daydreaming. I am not going to lie, I do it quite frequently, but today was worse than other days. Here is a quick list of things that crossed my mind:
Baby ducks
Jason's homecoming
My nephews
Child support payments
Running a 10K
Family Home Evening
The Burton Boys
Marion Ito
Bridal showers
A warm blanket
Peppermint tea
High heels
Good Weather
Training at the gym tomorrow
Dinner with Joni and Casey
Fruitland weekend coming up soon...


smithfieldman said...

Here's another reason to day dream. I am coming to Utah in February! All I have to do now is buy my tickets! Hooray!

The Rage said...

I have one to add to it: Opossums.

Darbleyg said...

10k, You realize that you keep increasing your distance and eventually you are going to end up doing the full marathon. Why fight it, sign up and start training.

stewedslacker said...

My life is a daydream. Twoud seem that the only sane and real person is.... well,.... me.