Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nautical Victorian Bath I



What I was going for: Nautical Victorian Bath
What I achieved: Awesome Nautical Victoria Bath!

The Beardocrat and I refer to this bathroom as the mezzanine bath. It is the guest bath on the main floor. We used to give the kiddos baths in here, but that was destroying the bathroom. Seriously. Our kids are animals. We also have a complete guest bath downstairs, so we never encourage bathing in this room. Overall I am pleased with the way this turned out. Sure, there are some things I would change, but these will be in part II, stay tuned.

I chose the color palette of black, dark brown, navy, antique blue, blush, and cream. Who says seven colors are too many? Not I. Especially when the dark brown/black color is so similar. I chose this palette deliberately because when we first started this project the walls were a gross gray color and I had no intention of repainting. I am lazy like that. The baseboards and vanity were also darkbrown/black. In addition, we can discuss the tile color, which I've never liked, but am not about to rip out. Midway through the project I decided that painting wasn't such a big deal, so off to the hardware store we went but I'd already committed to the colors by that point.

Special thanks goes out to:
Lowes: Paint, scent stuff to put in paint, spray paint, various screws/wall anchors, and plumber's tape.
Amazon.com: Adirondak shelf, outlet /light switch covers, toilet paper dispenser, toilet bowl flusher, and the Terry Fan 'Ocean Meets Sky' wood plate. Amazon is great, though it is hard to judge color from some of the pictures, so be wary.
Target: Soap dispenser, antique blue towels, cream towels, trash can, kleenex box, and soap/knick knack dish.
JC Penny: Blush towels. Can I tell you, it was an EPIC search to find the right shade of blush. Who knew that very few companies make the right color. In fact, the towels were called Pearl Rose I believe. Either way, it took a long time, and JC Penny finally had it.
Kmart.com: Toilet Seat. Also, I will let you know in the next installment JUST how long I searched.
Ikea: Mirror
Homedepot.com: Faucet
Countrycurtains.com: Shower curtain
Etsy: Anchor and Compass wall art.
Alan Wilson: For fixing the faucet, helping paint, hanging everything on the walls, and generally letting me boss him around when this wasn't his idea of fun.
Mike Krimme: For lending ladders and tools, as always.

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Wendy said...

I love that towel rack! Also, our kids are animal bathers too. Someday we will make their bathroom cool, but for now we just try to keep the water in the tub....and fail.