Monday, March 3, 2014

Upstairs Kid Bathroom

What I was going for: Safari Bungalow Bath
What I achieved: Awesome Safari Bungalow Bath*

Thank you!
So what do I mean by Safari Bungalow? I wanted the kids bathroom to be a fun place that straddled that line between juvenile and not TOO juvenile. I didn't want to have to redecorate in five years or so. The bathroom needed to look like a bungalow bathroom if you were on safari somewhere: a loose jungle theme with bright pops of green with some classy hardware to finish it off. I also didn't want the hardware to be too matchy matchy.

See the towel rack on the first picture.
We have some modern hardware on the vanity that I liked and wanted to keep some of those modern lines. In an effort to compliment that modernity, I selected a soap dispenser/garbage can/bathmat combo that had a more modern feel. Then with the toilet paper and towel racks and hooks I followed the modern lines, with a different finish on the metal.

For the sink faucet, shower curtain rings, and hand towel rack I selected a more ornate bamboo feel. Which amazing plumber installed that sink  you ask? Oh, that is right, me. I did. Sure, Big Steve came to the house and held my hand during the process.

I love these great illustrations and frames. The angles are difficult so I didn't get a great picture of the other prints hanging, though you can see pictures of them if you scroll on up. They capture the whimsical feel without being too cutesy which was hard. They add the perfect element to the bathroom and really make it a warm space.

And Ta Da! I installed a toilet seat. This was the first item I purchased for the bath and the first of my installations. In the lower photo you will find my two helpers as they are drumming on the seat, because what else would you do with a toilet seat?

Now lets talk about some extras. I needed a place to store the toothbrushes, toothpaste, q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Of course I also needed a fake plant, some towels, and some cheesy grinning Squirmy. He does this thing where he closes his eyes now when he smiles for pictures. Weird. You can also see the base boards that we painted a shiny white! I could write epic poems about painting anything with my husband, but I will spare you... for now.

Special thanks goes out to: 2 8x8 prints, 1 12x12 print. The shop out of Canada can be found on Etsy and was great to work with. The 12x12 was a custom order and they got it out fast. I would recommend them for any projects you are doing, particularly things for kids that you don't want to look fun and yet sophisticated
Signed and Numbered: 2 8x8 picture frames, 1 12x12 frame. Another Etsy gem, but they have a shop in SLC, so I can cruise on by and pick up more frames anytime. The pics don't do justice to the craftsmanship.
Ikea: Toilet seat, toilet paper dispense, robe hook, towel rack, fake bamboo plant, bamboo pot, decorative baskets, cat tail shower curtain. Seriously, I am so glad I married the Beardocrat and he turned me on to the joy that is IKEA!
Home Faucet, hand towel rack.
Target: 2 brown/tan towels, 2 brown/tan hand towels, 1 tan wash cloth, bath mat, trash can, soap dispenser. Even though they compromised all my personal informations at various times during the holiday season, I still can't get enough.
Lowes: Shower curtain rings, white paint for baseboards.
Alan Wilson: Manual labor, hours talking about bathrooms, patience, $$ to redecorate. :x
Steven E. Sweat: Assistance with sink faucet.

*What didn't turn out perfect: I didn't replace the tile, mirror, vanity, light fixture, or the current window treatment. Though I can promise to replace the window treatment, I probably will not replace the other things. They aren't ideal, but I can live with them, as this was a primarily cosmetic remodel.


smithfieldman said...

I'd use that bathroom. Good work.

Dan and LaVon said...

That looks great. See it soon!