Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kentucky Hot Brown

I am going to set a scene for you.  Why, You ask?  Because I want you to go on a journey with me... like Dante crawling through the circles of hell up to paradise, I want you to share this experience with me. It is summer 2012. I am a billion months pregnant. I am swollen. I am uncomfortable. I still throw up continually. I have an active 18 month old who thinks that I am a jungle gym every time I try to sit down. We have just moved and I am unpacking boxes of books in the library. I am that tired/grouchy combination that everyone loves. I decide it is time to put some Hulu on and listen mindlessly while I work... a few hours later auto-play is on, and for some reason we have stumbled into various Bobby Flay Throwdown episodes. I miss the food network since we don't have tv, so I let it slide... and then I hear words that make my heart sing... turkey, bacon, beshcamel sauce, tomato, bread... What in the world???

And that was when I met the Kentucky Hot Brown. (ignore the pic, they used gross cheese!)

I stopped shelving books and watched the episode, twice. Ladybug who was the baby in utero at the time jumped for joy. She wanted a Kentucky Hot Brown and so did I! The second the Beardocrat got home, all I could talk about was the new artery clogging food that I had to have. I showed him a clip, and a wikipedia article. Yes, I pulled out the big guns. I searched the whole wide internet and could not find a place in Utah that served a Kentucky Hot Brown, well one, but it was a fast food joint and sounded like they might use a processed cheese sauce.Yuck. So I put it on my list of things to go to Kentucky for... pretty much it was the only thing on the list.

Fast forward a bit. I have a healthy 4 mo old who sleeps like a dream come true. She is an angel, her brother loves her, life is great minus the fact that the Beardocrat and I are sadly in need of some alone time. Word comes that my mother in law is coming to town and is willing to babysit. The Beardocrat refuses to tell me what we are doing, but assures me it will be wonderful. We end up going to the Thanksgiving Point Harvest Restaurant for brunch, and on their menu THE KENTUCKY HOT BROWN! It is every bit as delicious as described, and oh. so. decadent.

And now I have a dilemma. I am in love with them, but I am working to regain my pre baby body glory and the thousands calorie Kentucky Hot Brown is not going to help. So I have made a deal with myself. I am only allowed to eat it when I am pregnant. Is it wrong that I am more excited by the prospect of bacon covered deliciousness than I am about having another kid??? I will let you be the judge, but please try one before you start the judging.


smithfieldman said...

Hmm. You keep telling me about this. I should try it out sometime.

smithfieldman said...

Hmm. You keep telling me about this. I should try it out sometime.

politicchic6 said...

If you come to Utah the next time I am preggars, we are going to get one, and you will be a convert!