Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Little Confession

This is a picture of the Beardocrat and I on our wedding day

So, to understand the gist of this confession, we need to rewind and I need to tell you a little about myself. I know, more about little ole me, but you are here reading this, so I assume you are interested. I am not a girly-girl. I do like a good cocktail dress and a nice pair of heals, but for the most part I am a t-shirt and jeans type gal. Okay, that isn't strictly true. Currently, I am a wear-my-pjs-all-day sort of gal, but I digress...When the Beardocrat and I began marriage negotiations--kidding, kind of, it was a bit more romantic than that--I began to think of the wedding. Now, I had never thought of a wedding before. I had no idea what I wanted, and to be honest, didn't really care all that much. I think marriage's are important, but weddings... no not really into them. So when we got engaged, or actually the day we got officially engaged (because apparently those two things are different) I went to the bridal shop and picked out a dress. I went alone. I tried on one dress (actually, I did try one the same dress in Ivory and Navy to make sure I liked the red train) and I was done. I didn't bring my gal pals. I didn't bring my mom. I'd looked online the week before, found the dress I liked, went to a bridal store that had it, tried it on to make sure it looked good on me (of course it did!), and bought it. End of story... well, kind of. My parents wanted to see it so I took them the next week and tried it on for them while they took pictures and gushed. The Beardocrat and I had the type of simple wedding that fit our style. We had a BBQ and invited all of our friends complete with Costco Cake (YUM!) and pulled pork sandwiches at the park next to where we lived and wore just whatever. My family had a reception, and Alan's family had an open house. Both our families' did all the work for their respective events and they turned out nice.

Now, fast forward to confession time. I LOVE BRIDAL SHOWS. Seriously, I can't get enough of them. I especially like those where the brides try on dresses. I honestly don't know why I like them. I feel like my wedding and dress and all the events associated with them were perfect for me and don't have any secret desire to go dress shopping or anything, but I can not get enough of watching people try on wedding dresses... psychoanalyze me if you will, I can't explain it.


Sandra said...

I want to see the whole dress! The bottom half is pretty :)

Jess said...

Are you saying you love "Say Yes to the Dress"??! I love it too. Ha ha!