Friday, August 31, 2012

Warning Mommy Blog Post

This little guy makes me smile
So, Squirmy (pictured above) likes to talk A LOT. Not all of what he says makes sense, but we are getting there. He is also kind of famous for running around and being crazy and loud--I wonder where he inherited that? Yesterday, in a rare moment of calm, we were laying together on the couch with his chubby chick and snuggling. Note- Chubby Chick is actually a stuffed chubby yellow baby chicken. Squirmy sighed and said, "Happy." Awww... my pregnancy induced hormones were touched. I was happy, too.


Karen Ella said...

OH my gosh, he's SOOO cute! I need to see pics of your newest one too!!! Wait, am I crazy? Did Abby tell me you're having/had another one??

politicchic6 said...

Yes, we are having a number 2... a girl this time, just to round it out. We will probably do a birth announcement (no baby in basket with huge hair bow, just saying) as soon as she cutes up a bit. We did one for David at four months... yeah, we are on the ball.