Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It is no secret I am a music person. I've always been. A lesser known fact is that I am a jazz lover/hater. I got into Jazz in high school. Perhaps it was because I was recovering from an unholy 6 month period in Jr. High when I actually liked Country Music... but Jazz just hit the spot. All the pathos. All the longing. All the heartache. I still think that some of the best music about heartbreak can be found in the Jazz standards.

My love affair didn't end in High School. When I lived in Scotland there was this little pub called the Malt Shovel that had an amazing live jazz ensemble every Tuesday that played D'jango style jazz. They called themselves Swing 2004 at the time, but their name changed with the year. I had big plans of one day having them play some sweet tunes at my wedding... alas, I did not marry a Scotsman, and I think flying them over here would have been a BIT pricey.

Now, I feel it time to confess that I am seeming to hate Jazz. I've been searching for some really great current stuff, and I just can't find it. At least on this side of the ocean. There are a few British groups that are still producing good Jazz... but too much of it falls into the overly expirimental category or the too smooth elevator music category. The other day I was listening to an album that was supposed to be the greatest Jazz guitar ensemble in 20 years. Yawn. The whole thing was so disappointing. Back to my John Coltrane albums.


T-Ray said...

I also love Jazz. My love for Jazz started in High School when I sang in the Jazz choir and competed in Jazz Festivals while having a scat solo wearing a sparkly outfit.
I never went through a country phase.

smithfieldman said...

I have not been a jazz lover, but my brother recently gave me a lot of older jazz music.
I'm still in the country phase.

Maija said...

Have you tried the Bad Plus? I like a lot of their stuff. They did an awesome cover of 'Smells like Teen Spirit.' They can be a little out there sometimes, but I really like them.