Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Public Enemy No. 1: Family Window Decals

Frankly speaking, I don't care how many people are in your family. And I don't care about Snickerdoodle, the family dog. I am also not interested in your hobbies. In the spirit of pure mischievousness, the Beardocrat once suggested we get the Apple Logo and the Hewlett-Packer Logo to respectively show the divisions within our own little union. Happily, he was only joking. I don't know who started this annoying trend, but I will welcome the day that it stops.


J.F. said...

What are your feelings vis a vis spelling your family name in huge Gothic-style letters?

T-Ray said...

I totally agree! When they add pets as part of the family... I don't why, but it bugs me more.

smithfieldman said...

I never knew it was a thing.

Carolina said...

Okay, so what about the signs on houses that say, "Smith Family, established December 29, 2001, blah blah blah"? How do you feel about those?

And what about the urinating Calvin decals?

And, finally, what about "No Soliciting" signs?

So much to think about.

The Rage said...

That's public enemy No. 1 now? Once it was cell phones that was PE No.1 and now I believe that you will embrace window decals as well. Just give it some time.

politicchic6 said...

So many valid questions:
J.F- The family name, no. Deus e Amor or the spanish equivalent, yes.
Carolina: I have only seen a few and thought... hm, that will be awkward when the divorce comes.
Urinating Calvin: Has always been and will always be classless.
No Soliciting Signs: a good idea in Theory, a pointless idea in practice. I lived in a place that had a permanent no soliciting sign. People still solicited.

stewedslacker said...

Also so much to comment. Smithfieldman, you are cut off from the world in the North, sorry buddy.
I am with you Picnic, I HATE the decals. Although, once I saw a very funny take on the family ones. There were the stick figure Dad, Mom, and Kids, except the mom had a huge red X on top of her, presumably resulting from a divorce. I thought about getting one for Steve. And Calvin is not classless..., just mischievous.

Nathan said...

There is no way I can get the font big enough on my AMEN to this post.